Map release: Fortification


I was unable to test killing the Dretch there with Jetpack since I did it locally by myself. In that case, the only problem is if humans kill the eggs at S1, then they have absolutely no way of dealing with the Dretch in Example 2. Example 1 is killable even at S1.

Strangely enough, I can’t reproduce it now either, which is weird since it happened to me twice in a row last night… It’s probably just a standard wallwalk bug (i.e. sometimes being flung off the wall when rounding corners), and not a problem with the map.

Ignore the low FPS and jerkiness, I didn’t feel like optimizing the recording settings. The elevator will not go down while any player is standing on it. However, a player can walk onto it the moment it starts going down and it will go down all the way (although it goes straight back up afterwards unless they are off it again). Admittedly, I don’t know of any way to fix this, but I figured I’d mention it just in case there’s some obvious solution that I’m missing.

Thanks you very much <3 once you upload the fixed version I will almost definitely support this map being in rotation. Looking forward to getting to play it!

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That might be right but you can have such a situation on karith or transit too. Its just a gameflaw.

Thats really weird because i can’t reproduce this bug. For me it works perfectly fine.
It may be a qvm problem. I use vanilla gpp qvms. That might explain your problem.

You’re welcome! :builder:


Addition: even with a clean install there is no particle error. Hmmm
New version released. See first post.


It could be the QVM that comes with the client Menace is using. I just tried the lifts on both test7341 and on GrangerClub and the y work fine without experiencing that bug.

We are trying out something in the Swirl game mode where if all your team’s spawns and om/rc are dead, you have a couple of minutes to rebuild your om/rc or try to win, or your team starts taking damage until death. With such a game play feature, the problem of the last player hiding and being virtually (or actually) unkillable is solved. Perhaps there may be a more eloquent way of addressing the issue. But as you have mentioned, this is a problem that many other mainstream maps have and is more of a game play flaw than a map flaw.

For the vanilla game play, I guess humans are just going to have to make sure they at least have hs2 on such maps before winning :slight_smile: .


Fortification version 1.1 is now available to play on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, and the test7341 server.

Perhaps we found our replacement for Gloom2Beta2 in the rotation? Of course we need to see some good matches on Fortification first :wink: .


If that’s the case, it’s probably my QVM (although I have no clue what QVM it is). I just open Tremfusion and do /devmap mapname to test maps, and it definitely has some bugs that I know about, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that was just another bug.


Thanks for looking into this. Which client are you using? It could be a tremfusion related bug with this map.


Stock gpp, win10.


Windows 10 is still not stable yet because of the program ages relationship. My opinion is better using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 for stabilize it unless you can set compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3.

Another one is NetRadiant had supported Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 as it already had fixed bugs for latest version, but GtkRadiant is not supposed be able to continue improving functions for Tremulous since 1.6.0 version. The last supported for Tremulous is 1.5.0 and it’s from 2007 updated, that because it was outdated and only will supported up to Windows Vista and for setting compatibility mode required are Windows 7 or 8.1.


I haven’t experienced the missing particle bug Ckit mentioned on the stock gpp client nor on in development 1.3 client on Fedora for this map on test7341 and on GrangerClub (I didn’t get a chance to try the map on GrangerPub yet, but it should work the same exact way as on GrangerClub).

On test7341 there are missing sounds for the lifts, but that seems to be a bug with the server we need to fix as the sounds are all present on GrangerClub.


It’s likely tremfusion related.

Appears to be happening on some other maps so may not be related to this map.

Fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling the map.


@Matth , which pk3 dependency has the sound files you used for the lift?


the only sound i added was the ambient sound at the landing bay. The lifts use stock trem sounds. Whats the big deal?


I’m tracking down a bug on test7341 where the lift sounds used by Fortification are not loading for some reason.

WARNING: Failed to load sound sound/movers/plats/pt1_strt.wav!
WARNING: could not find sound/movers/plats/pt1_strt.wav - using default
WARNING: Failed to load sound sound/movers/plats/pt1_end.wav!
WARNING: could not find sound/movers/plats/pt1_end.wav - using default

Do you happen to know which stock pk3 file has pt1_strt.wav and pt1_end.wav?


Okay, after playing a bit on fortification, I’ve found one major problem that makes me not want to see it in rotation at the moment.

280 BP is WAY too much. That’s enough for 3 nodes, an arm and medi, and almost 30 turrets. If humans move their base to the upper hallway, rants can only get to the base by the elevator, and that means the base is almost entirely invincible. I don’t see any need for more than 100 BP on this map, even in the default base.

Also, I couldn’t find a single light that is non-solid in v1.1, not sure if that was supposed to be fixed in v1.1 or not. This also means that if you walk up to the wall on an elevator, a light can block you and force the elevator back down.

Current Map Rotation For GrangerPub US East

I will simply add those files in the next release.

i agree. I will reduce the bp to 140 and not 100 because the map offers more space than fort5 and ghub standard settings are way too low (my opinion).

Yes, physics and logic applies to trem too.


Base I made in the bottom bunker of the map.

A forward in a default close to the a’s new location for militant purposes.


Updated it with all 280 BP.

All of the extra BP enable me to do things that are potentially viable but in a default setting are wasteful (I.E. Using arms/Def Computers as node bodyguards).


holy shit you actually use the fullscreen radar? I always thought that thing was obnoxious as hell.


fullscreen radar is OP


New version released. See first post.