Map release: Fortification


Fortification version 1.2 is now available to play on the GrangerPub server, on the GrangerClub server, and on the test7341 server.


I really like the style of it, it reminds me of half life a bit.

Well done.

Though in my view perhaps being able to go outside without the invisible wall would make it better.


id like to see a map that isn’t a remake or runs off the basis of atcs thank u


This map is loosely based on the navigation layout of Fort5 in terms of the paths between the bases, the underground, and the center area with a bunker thing (but even the navigation layout is different). Also two of the lifts in Fortification are in similar locations to Fort5, and you can see some general very loose inspiration from Fort5 in the bases, base entrances and the center area, but even those are very different. Everything else in the map is very different and very original.

Remake and original are relative terms. Where do we draw the line? Do we say that maps that have bunkers are remakes of another map with a bunker? Do we say that maps that have the same kinds of doors are remakes of another map with those doors? Do we say that maps that use the default textures and/or sounds are remakes of the default maps?

Imo it doesn’t matter if a map is a remake or not, what is most important is the answer to the question “Is a given map is fun to play?” For me the answer to that question regarding the Fortification map is yes.


Looks good. I would use an entirely different texture set and brush method to differentiate between accessible and non accessible areas. Given the style of the map, it would be entirely feasible to make barb wire fences around the map (and make some barb wire fences broken to make it seem like scenery rather than an obstruction). You could also use sandy textures and make dunes over the steel at the higher levels. You could use a script that made your move speed 75%, 50%, 25% then 0%, so the player feels as though they are slowing down as they try to run up the hill


You can’t deny that the defaults are very similar to atcs and i said a map that isn’t a remake OR runs off the basis of atcs. Fortification has a very similar overall layout design to fort 5 making it a remake. I would just like to see yalt create an original map for once, just once


One of my favorite maps!


what if the light is inside the wall opposed to being on the surface