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first time using this, so not sure if this is where i ask this, but can you guys add the maps: mission_one_b7 and mudkip_b1_noob

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You asked in the right place. I’m not 100% convinced that mission style maps belong on Pub, but we could put it on a separate (scrim) server.

We do have a different server called “Blackout” (GPP only - /connect that hosts a mission map called “[Operation] Blackout.” Humans need to destroy/activate a few triggers and power sources to win, aliens need to prevent that happening for 20 minutes or so.

However I think GlobalWarming needs to fix something on the server because its resources seem a bit borked. Haven’t heard from him in a while though.

<rcon> ZdrytchX: GlobalWarming was last seen in #grangerhub 12 weeks, 1 day, 5 hours, 55 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <GlobalWarming> nvm... all that should be from the las io3 quake merge....

hmmm…i suggest you add my maps Grazen, Hongur, Storage Area…

Some maps that you could consider ‘classic’, some I think are underrated:

Standard maps:

  • thermal
  • veddak-final
  • specula_b4
  • atcszalpha
  • gloom3t
  • citadel
  • foolsgold
  • bedtime
  • slimepunk
  • hardlanding (this is a mission map, but I dont think you need modding for it to work)
  • tremshiptroopers_b4 (might not work)

Shenanigans maps:

  • paint7 (for the lulz)
  • cube_b2 (weird but fun)

A couple might already be in rotation, I didn’t doublecheck that.


DSArena, Mission_one and Hard Landing were requested by a few people.

Also FORT5

DSArena would probably be good for the server. GrangerPub has a bug with Mission_one where one of area doors don’t open, this needs to be fixed. I never played Hard Landing before, I would like to try it on test7341 first, maybe even have a match with it on this Saturday’s dev games. Btw, I notice that there is an alpha 2 release of Hard Landing, should we use that one instead?

Not sure about which version of hard landing, would probably have to try both of them and see whether runs best and/or is most appropriate for pub. IF it isn’t just an improved version.

EDIT: We should have the basic ATCS rotation include UTCS, Fort5, DSArena, for now.

Moar diversity. Plox.

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DSArena is added

Yeah, could we change the basic ATCS rotation so that it goes: ATCS, Fort5, Nano, UTCS, DSArena?

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Less troll cannon maps. I am happy for the occasional queer custom map, but I’d prefer if there were some more normal maps mixed in especially when I seem to spend half my game time trying to find people to kill.

I’ll start working on my map again soon, and will propose to add it to the basic/middle rotation.

Side note: Rotation doesn’t care about nbr of players until it’s finished. (Big rotation with low players for ex.)

I look forward to it, been wanting to play/test your map on a pub for quite some time.

Same yo


Could xtcs be added to the maplist?

hi, a lot of years ago i’ve made a map called cube_b2, in this days i’m thinking to improve it a bit, i just have to extract the .map file for radiant from a broken harddisk which maybe is still recovarable…i hope… :smile:
I’ve tried to create a server for testing with other people but i couldn’t…for some strange reason it always appears in local(udp)…so i’ve decided to try putting it here so i can also share my work…thank you!

download map here

You’ll need to forward ports on your router. (TCP/UDP 30720 by default IIRC). Only way to make the server public. You can use a different port than 30720, if so just make sure to run the server with +set net_port X (where X is the port.)

You could still all download hamachi or similar and connect through that if you really can’t open the ports or don’t want to mess with them. (Note: only people on your hamachi/[insertVPNname] network/channel will be able to connect.)

You can find more info on this thread.

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Thank you very much!! :star2:

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