Map requests and suggestions


I suggest Jota, downlaod you can there:

This Yalt’s map, also fun


Do you have some screenshots?


Well no, but i see it, some simair of atcs, also good atmosphere :slight_smile: ok later i make screenshots (just now default my gpp folder have new edge pk3s, so New EDGE+Jota+Try makescreenshot= Error Hunk_tempmegs fail allocate…)


Well Sparky, VERY BAD NEWS: Jota have some .png, so 1.1 can’t load png (in result gonna be just no texture)

anyway screenshots:


BTW WUT THE FUCK? Why site automaticcly downloading images? this just wasting space of hosting…(just now i see, my post edited by system, reason - downloaded local copies of images), i for images using xD (i just maked there privater communitive, and post there Images :D)


Hold on, is that SSAO I see? How’d you get that?


God bless Nvidia drivers. Enjoy your shittily implemented HDAO, AMDorks and ATIdiots.

Never heard of it. Is it any good?


It doesn’t look amazing and the gameplay is okay, I want it mainly for nostalgia sake.


idk talk to Yalt, he author…




If neither xtcs or Pulse_102 isn’t added I will cry.


I was definitely going to add xtce to the rotation I’m experimenting with (and maybe pulse), but the rotation is buggy since I’m pushing the limited logic currently available in rotation files to its limit. Hopefully we will get it working S00N™.


UTCS is one of the most cancerous map I’ve ever had the occasion to play as an alien (up there with the cannon maps). The shit is so tight it’s barely even suited for 1on1, the middle area is a huge trap and you can’t go anywhere without going there, the floor suppresses your pounces, so what’s left? Camp? You can’t even camp because the base consists of 1 pillar and 2 boxes and you’ll get the shit lucispammed out of you.

Please no UTCS. (There you go, replace this shit with xtcs or pulse.)


Pulse is horrible. XTCE is OK.


PAGAN, down with the non-believer.


Shuffle have been banned for the following reason:

being a scrub rubbing-a-dub-dub in the nub tub


I’d like to request we add highrise-b5 its the best version of the highrise maps


why dont u add fucking nintendo map on the pub server? it would be really fun to play it sometimes


Put Urbanp2 pls


pls no this map is cancer. Invincible base locations, ridiculously large, terrible locations for fights, large areas of water, teleporters, doors that crush people, secret areas (which are also invincible base locations), instant kill areas; it’s not a good map in any way and definitely should not be on the public server.

Alright map. Would be good to play every now and then for sure.