Menu music


I made this for BotsCamp server (hosted by Globalwarming) when he and enneract were fiddling with splashscreens.


Some kind of Intro music that could be used? ^^ (Made on Logic Pro X , by Meh :stuck_out_tongue: ) (I'm still gonna add more to it, since it's pretty much an intro, but it could be nice to have such music on the opening ^^)

Then the menu music could start ^^


Trem menu music !


Is that normal if the only musics that seem legit to me on that topic are the shitty remixes ?


Make a good music if you are better than us, show us the way, we will follow :wink:


And what do you mean by " shitty"? what are so bad in those music? Chord prog? Melody? Drums?Sound used? Could you be more precise, it would be usefull :slight_smile:


All T2.0 assets are free for commercial & non-commercial use.


(R.I.P. Tremulous 2.0)


Gave me cancer, not representative of Tremulous in any fucking way. Makes me think of some random WoW fucktarded RPG except gayer, because WoW had an amazing OST.


lol this is such a reason


Tremulous means 'quivering from fear', not 'heroic-faggot paladin shove sword up anuses on gay WoW-wannabe RPG', it's supposed to be dark and creepy.


This fits tremlas better than any m00sic I've heard so far, obv copyright and shit but you get the fucking idea. Dark, grimy, fast-paced.


Somebody's up past their bedtime.

(Trem is not dark at all once you set the gamma scale to a sane value and use a real client with a real main menu, instead of the half-assedly cobbled-together garbage you get from the official installer.)




lol what's wrong with the official client? I like it


1 : Quality of the music. The assets and mix are often a pain to hear. It's like hearing an FL studio poopy orchestra like the billion ones that have been lurking around last years and destroying music culture on Internet.

2 : Context of the music. Thought I prefered yours to all others cause it was a bit more "in context" than the others, it was still not in the feeling of Tremulous. I don't know if you already noticed it but
- Tremulous is science-fiction
- Tremulous is dark
- Tremulous can be very silent.
My conclusion => Tremulous needs a dark-ambient music. I might think about making one.

Not the best examples I found but I quickly thought about this album of Ulver so...

(also maybe a good way to make you discover great things, noraj)


Actually, I like the current menu music, but its problem can be resumed with one value : 22050Hz
So if we need to make a new one, let's start with a new thing rather than making a bad copy.

And by bad copy, I mean also all the fake orchestral things you did with bad quality MIDI.


The tremfusion heartbeat music was pretty good
(I don't have my PC rn, I upload it later)


There's a bit of it in the video i linked above:


I cannot believe you guys think changing the menu music would ever be appropriate. Destroying one of the last vestiges of my childhood is fun for you? :frowning:


Perhaps a option to change to the default Tremulous soundtrack? :slight_smile: