Mission One ATCS (m1atcs2)


I found a map that for awhile I have been looking for. This map is a combination of the Mission One b7 obsticles with a final arena fighting area that is ATCS. Many know that I’m not a fan of of ATCS, but in my opinion this is a pretty ok map and better than the original Mission One b7. I don’t know who made this map.

The map name is m1atcs2

Download link: http://dl.grangerhub.com/base/map_m1atcs2.pk3

This map is now available to play on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, & on the test7341 server.


Wow old map, played it on rcz


Mission one + Atcs, feel cancer growing inside me. Pls sthap


I already got this map before. :slight_smile:

But I didn’t play it for first time…


I think we need a Mission One on Nivus, Tremor, UTCS, Epic and Nexus :slight_smile:


Better than default m1 final base.


Today we had a problem while playing this map, we’ve had a game with a lot of people and 20-25 minutes into the game, the Gates closed, We were unable to play so we had a map change. is it a bug or is there a way for the gates to open? I forgot to take a screenshot but it really ruined the game.


I was in the game, and it was weird for the gate to close again. Something must have happened with a player to make the gate close, I wish I could recreate this bug to watch out for it.


The maps cool, the textures and colors are nice and smooth, though the glass that separates the teams open a bit too slow.


The worst of both worlds, now in one package.




Ok I exagerated, mission one puzzles are not that bad, but atcs again fuck that.


Like you, I greatly dislike ATCS (primarily because I played 956,342 times too many), but I have to admit that this version is at least more interesting than the original atcs in how it starts with the walls.

The walls allow both teams time to more freely build in unconventional areas (like the hall and the bunker areas). additionally depending on which team gets to the end first also has an effect on how each team builds as there are some advantages to getting to the end first. Not to mention the access through the hall opening up before the outside access does create an interesting dynamic as the combat starts.

With that said, yeah we need more original quality arenas.