Multiprotocol Aussie Assault

I’m working on a new multiprotocolized version of Aussie Assault. It running is on a temporary server in Germany called “Temporary Aussie Assault Test Server”. After some testing and fine tuning I’ll publish the repo along with a new Multiprotocol Development Environment in about a week from now, at which point others can take over the development of this particular mod. I’ll update this first post with a link to the repo once it is published.

In the meantime feel free to post requests for features/improvements/fixes on this thread, and I’ll see what I can do about implementing over this next week. After I publish this repo, I personally probably won’t be actively working on it much, so be sure to get your requests in now!

Changes so far:

  • Multiprotocol support for 1.1, gpp, and 1.3 clients to connect.
  • Max chat character length is extended to allow for the max characters you can type in the console (which is very nice for my greetings).
  • Shrinkable barricades ported from gpp.
  • The medistation regenerates stamina.
  • Stamina is renderated while using the jetpack.
  • Velocity is preserved from evolving.
  • Poison is preserved from evolving.
  • The booster timer resets as soon as you touch the booster, so you don’t have to wait to run out of poison to reset it.
  • The old server side demo code in the game logic is disabled since the 1.3 tremded doesn’t currently support server side demos, but that is on our todo for 1.3 and after we get that support in the tremded, the support in this mod’s game logic could always be added back in.



I do have an idea,we should have it so that the colour codes such as ^1 do not contribute towards the length of the name.

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That could be possible, as it looks like the names are managed all in the cgame, ui, game, and server, but the client doesn’t seem to touch them directly.

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