New Player Model Customization


Player Model Customization!

I am happy to unveil a new feature on the test7341 server, Customizable Player Models! This is the first change towards a set of non-gameplay changing features which I envision for a player reward system.

Featured above are 4 humans, each with a different quake3 model. The system has some basic support for skinning as well.

Here are a few more selfies, followed by the to todo list, caveats and some final words.

New Commands

This system introduces a number of commands as well as an new admin abusable toy.

Admin Commands:

  • /transform <name|slot#> <modelname> Transforms a player into the specified model.

  • /listflags, /flag Models can currently only be awarded by an admin with the flag flag.

Regular Commands:

  • /listmodels Displays the list of models available on the server.

  • /listskins <modelname> Displays the list of skins available for that model.

To Be Done

There is plenty of work left to make this system feel more polished, additionally, a few bugs related to upgrades need to be addressed- but the current implementation works well.

Some of the upcoming changes that I am planning:

  • Client side disable/enable

Understandably, some people will not be happy with this gimmick. So the very next thing todo will be giving "you" the ability to turn this off locally via a cvar.

  • Karma based "rewards"

Karma is something you accrue by playing on the server and with good behavior that can be used to redeem stuff like models + skins, etc..

  • Menu-based browsing and redeeming

A menu which allows you to browse the available modes/skins that can be redeemed.


  • FIXED Helmet and Armour upgrades normally result in some missing textures on models.
  • FIXED Batlesuit can be selected as a model but shouldn't be.

Have Fun!

Remember to join us on Saturday for the dev games.

TODO List for the Initial release of Tremulous 1.3
Saturday GrangerHub Development Games
Skins and emotes

I knew my ass was being seen at that moment, and you even took a picture of it, shame on you.

Awesome models, I just want to add, that the cvar thing for client is a needed feature, but not all models should perish for that, what I mean is, a person may want to see human models like the stoormtrooper or the enhanced HD human but not the pillsbury and spongebob models, just to see different good and acceptable models and not to become a wtf game.


If suggestions are allowed, I would really like to see The Postal Dude as a model along with his middle-finger taunt for the lulz

He's just too badass


If a model compatible with the ioquake3 engine is available, do you have a link to it?

We have been using models made for Quake 3 from this web page (there could be other resources):

Of course if anyone would like to make new models for Trem and post them on the forums, we will definitely consider trying them out on the test7341 server.


I was trying to get a good profile shot of Jonny 5 in my granger selfie


Sureeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :joy:


Mind expanding on why this feature is being worked on? It'll help people understand it's purpose for the future. :slight_smile:


First of all, it is related to customizing the human gender for when we have a new Tremulous male human model, and finally a Tremulous female human model. Additional customization, as blowFish indicated above, provides a rewarding non-game play related feature un-lockable with higher karma in the karma system. Most importantly, last night's tests confirmed that it is extremely fun.


This looks pretty neat. I will have to check it out during the test server game tomorrow


Video of models coming soon


Gj blowfish, this looks like a lot of fun. But if the ultimate purpose is to add a female model in there, the current one is pretty misleading. :slightly_smiling:


That sonic is really fun! :smiley:


Support for a standard Tremulous female human model (once one appropriately design for trem is made) is one of ultimate uses of this system, but it is also for model customization in general as am unlockable non-gameplay reward for getting higher karma in the new karma system (coming S00N(TM) to a test7341 server near you) .


This guy lost his head after looking at dangergirl's posing ...


Good news, cg_thirdPerson is no longer categorized as a cheat command on the test7341 server, so you can now play in 3rd person without needing Dev Mode to be turned on!


I vote for a male stripper model. :slight_smile: Someone mentioned Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris.


If you can find or make those models, we'll try them out.


I would like to request :-

Abe from the game Abe's oddworld odyssey (one of my all time favourites)

Lara croft for obvious reasons, she's a great model for Q3

Not sure what this will look like

There was a lot more familiar characters there, I was pleasantly surprised.


I have a few more requests too

More female characters, even better. Hoping she has the Zero Suit ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I don't know which Heihachi this is but I'm hoping it's the guy from tekken

AND xenomorph from AVP just to mess around


Please add Judge Dredd just for admins :joy: BROKEN LINK

Edit: the link was wrong. Here's the good one