[PASSED: 3] Elites Level 3 App!


I kind of elaborated in the admin section, check that out. He’s been decently active(considering the minimum is once every 2 weeks or something). I did urge him to be more active though when I saw him in game.

>Craze urging someone to be more active >


Hey @MaeJong


Hey I’m more active than you :stuck_out_tongue: especially recently


always says things like ‘if i was admin id spam ban/kick the fuck out of you’ and abuses ppl so idk




Great reaction.


Haha thanks shuffle <3


It was sarcastic.


I know :stuck_out_tongue: I’m joking around why would I do that in my app? that’s Easy denied


Would you like to respond to what was said?


New voucher! thx @ssingh9


that’s great elite but i’d like you to answer the question craze asked you.


I was just messing sround, but no that isn’t right too do that is exactly the opposite of a admins job to be sorry if my grammer is bad im on my phone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Confirmed hat clan takeover.

GL elite.


Thank’s hero but I miss your vouch </3


Good luck.


Good luck, Elite :slight_smile:


Thx @Rekove and @Truck


Passed, however if you break any rules, troll, or abuse any admin commands, this will lead to an immediate demotion, and you will be barred from re-applying.