[PASSED: 3] Rhez's Level 5 Admin Application


please answer the question instead of dodging it.


I’ll vote for you only if you stop to rush me with you buggy painsaw.



Oh, okay, you want a direct answer to why I want level 5. Well, compared to a level 3, level 5 also has buildlog and revert (which I actually had a bit of experience of using in bob’s oc server), pause, kick, rename, and spec999 (all no-brainers), ban commands (will require guidance on syntax and usage), putteam (also no-brainer), and namelog (will require guidance on syntax and usage). Most of the commands here are the bread and butter of effective admining, and I believe I will be capable of holding the responsibilities of a level 5 admin, but I can see the concern that level 5 may be too much to ask for. If you don’t feel confident enough about my potential abilities, I will understand your reasoning for a lower level decision.


Guidance on usage and syntax of the commands can be found in the admin guidelines (accessible in admin section). Would gladly assist you in learning admin commandz otherwise.


Haha, you might want to not vote then, since I have no guarantee about that. But seriously, it’s all up to you.


You have my goon :sunglasses:


I absolutely believe that L3 is the level you should be given. It is appropriate considering your experience.

I don’t see why you would hold anything against me, this isn’t personal.


Sheesh tough crowd…

Good luck, Rhez.


good luck rhez!! i’m vouching for you.


You just admitted defeat on a perfectly fine game and ran around tking teammates. I have also seen you basenade when no admins are around numerous times. Just adding that in there :wink:


Please provide proof next time, your word is meaningless without proof.


perfectly fine game

Was that on Procyon? Because we fed hard like lemmings and it was already AS3 to HS1.


Passed L3 with a short probation before L4.