[PASSED: 3] Tofurkey Level 3 Application


• Who are you known as in-game, and what is your registered name on the server:

My name is Tofurkey. I have also been briefly known as Toritukey.

• What is your timezone/What time do you play tremulous and how often:

GMT -7 or PDT. Usually I am on in the evenings for my time zone, roughly between 8 and midnight. But I play at lots of other varied times during the day. My IRL schedule is not very routine.

• Why do you want admin on GrangerPub:

I am one of the few people that prefer small games. And a lot of times, when I am on in the evening, there are few people in the server. I have been in multiple situations where an admin would have been helpful but there was none present. I just want to help in any way i can to give players a great experience on Gpub, including myself. Plus, it feels good to have a bit of responsibility.

• What is your past admining experience:

Sadly, my resume looks rather thin with admining experience as I have never actually applied for admin before. I had low level on AA for a while. Mostly, I just keep to myself. However, I have had lots of experience with admin commands on friend’s personal servers. I have been trusted with top level admin and even rcon passwords for multiple servers that saw the public for a short time. I do not believe any of those friends are playing currently.

• What do you think are the most important qualities as an admin:

An admin should be well tempered - if they do ever get angry, they should always be able to treat all players fairly according to the server rules regardless of their emotions.

An admin should have the best interest of the community in mind, including the parties that may be causing trouble. A trouble maker should be punished for the offenses they committed and nothing more.

An admin should be well versed in the server rules, knowing what constitutes an offense and what action should be taken, enough to stand behind their decision under the scrutiny of other players.

…Unless, of course, they did make a mistake. In which case, they should be able to own up to it, apologize, and restore any privileges that are deserved.

An admin should be able to hold his friends and himself accountable for the same rules as the public.

But most of all, an admin should be fun. Because that is what Tremulous is all about.

• Are any level 6+ admins willing to vouch for you (Can be left blank):

I have not asked any yet but I have played with a few including Sonic, Helperbot, and Bird.


Thanks for applying Tofurkey.
Good luck !


Poll is set, good luck.


Hey @Tofurkey feel free to add me I’ll vouch for you :slight_smile: and good luck!


Fk|Sonic or EBSF Sonic?

Good luck.


Thank you so much @HelpingRobot! :smiley:

@Hero, I believe it was EBSF Sonic, IDK if I have seen FK Sonic. Did not know there were two :slight_smile:

Also, thank you everyone for the good luck wishes.


idk what admin level fk sonic is but he has been inactive for ~2 months
ebsf sonic is most likely not level 6, i doubt he’s even admin actually. I bothered to check current admin list but idk when it has last been updated. Then again i’m drunk so i’m most likely wrong. I wouldn’t include either sonic as viable voucher though.
Good luck.


I dont think Im gone for so long but never even saw this guy, ever.


The Sonic from Fk is a level 6 admin, and the Sonic from EBSF is not a an admin.

Your application shows more promise than many I’ve seen, best of luck.


Alright, it sounds like a voucher from the Sonic I played with won’t count for much. He seemed like a cool dude, none the less. Thank you all for the information.

@Rinspeed, maybe you should play some more, then. I hope to see you in game. :slight_smile:

@Rekove you are too kind


Hi @Tofurkey! :smiley:

Wish you best luck for being admin. :wink: :thumbsup:


I would’ve been voucher, Good luck, and thanks for applying




thanks for applying, good luck


Passed, level 3.