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Having a good sense of humor is an important asset to have as a game server admin that the administration can use more of, and you certainly posses such an asset @faceman . However, you have broken rules on this game server before, and you have encouraged drama as well. As a GrangerPub admin you would have to be serious about some aspects such as leading by example by following all the rules, and resolving conflicts.

As an example, admins are not permitted to call invalid mute/kick votes on other players, even if it was to prank a friend, and even if that friend thought that the invalid vote was funny, that sends the wrong message about abusing votes (having fun with poll votes is generally ok though, as that is what polls are there for).

So my main question is @faceman , are you willing to have fun within the constraints of the game server rules and admin guidelines?


i understand. while i still hold firm to the belief that trem drama is one of the most excellent forms of entertainment (a long-term addiction i am struggling with, which is probably why i am still around) i do understand that ghub has rules and i am willing to abide within the said restrictions. (the real reason i want admin is to be able to read top secret posts 8) jk) but yes, i did read through like the 3 or 4 threads about rules, guidelines and the admin process before posting this app, so i do feel like i understand the expectations of this evil, communist scumhole better.

when the trem forums were active, i did take moderating seriously, and never used it as a means to troll simply because it was an entrusted task to me (i’m still deleting spambots regularly :sob: ), and it was the same with BB and D*T. i do love to get reactions and to make people laugh, tho. i don’t think i’ve ever had to apply for admin before, though. such a ego-shattering thing to do :frowning: maybe i did. idk back when i was a noob i did some embarrassing things.

sorry once again that this might have seemed kind of like a troll at first. the idea to resign kind of came about like an hour after i already posted the topic and it seemed like an amazing idea to resign after applying (AND GETTING LEVEL 16) idk i guess it was one of those like incredible inspirations u get when u don’t get enough sleep.

ken bone for president


it’s so funny to see some random google-translated english advertisement about lawnmowers on trem forums, then the same account posts some bullshit about videocards from mid 2009, and then he spams porn links so face doesn’t have to be alone anymore (HOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA)




trem drama truly is a unique experience than any other drama i’ve come across

tremulous is probably one of the most niche multiplayer FPS games to ever exist. most people i talk to online has never heard of it. anyone outside of tremulous is oblivious to it. everyone can recognize each other in this community in a small frame of time. essentially, its a community due to it’s size that needs to cooperate now more than ever, yet people still get angry over bullshit happening regarding a 10 year old quake 3 standalone mod

it truly is the concentrated epitome of unfiltered, pure autism untouched by the status quo. its kind of beautiful in that way.

but i believe that such bullshit for the sake of the game’s future isn’t sustainable anymore. perhaps its a symptom of a game that more or less stayed the same for so long.

its good to see that sentiment.


Grangerhub can use a funny guy or someone to change/spirr things up at times :slight_smile:


God forbid we get any more mindless robots. Let me translate that for you.



!admintest : Level 666 totoc is lucifer
(CEST) +02H00 UTC


Passed L4.

Sorry for the delay.


gj @faceman glhf

some advice:

don’t fuck this up


Welcome to the GrangerPub Administration @faceman :smiley: !

I expect @faceman to do very well, I have no reason to expect otherwise.