[Passed: L4] Machine Medic


About 1v1 European 1v1 not the same as I saw USA players think it is :smiley:


hey @Rinspeed,
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but you’re not contributing anything useful to this thread. I’d therefore appreciate it if you didn’t post on this thread anymore. This isn’t your application (i look forward to seeing it appear in my notifications) so please don’t start flamewars. Thanks in advance.


Just to write F2 :wink:


Has this ever happened on GrangerPub? Is it still a problem?


Sparky and devhc actually showed me last night that the ghub devs fixed any chance of that issue ever happening on gpub and club by upping the server bandwidth throttle. I was not aware of that at the time I submitted this application, though.

Kudos to @dGr8LookinSparky and company.


That particular fix was all DevHC :slight_smile:


Good luck @MachineMedic


if MachineMedic isn’t given L8 admin I will kill myself on livestream, and implicate each and every one of you as causative to my suicide

choose once, and choose wisely


good, you might actually have more than 1 viewer for once


wow telling me to kill myself?
and somehow you’re not banned from the server
this is why I need L9, so people like you can’t get around


L10 is the new hype friend, L9 is old school, get with the power creep.


I hope he wont get. But killing urself bc of that? Lol. I dont even know who u are so i dont care.




Just ignorant.


Welcome back.


Who are you calling Uncle Tom? What gives you the right?


since when is machinemedic ever even active on tremulous like u have more courage than apple removin the headphone jack if u think an app for level 8 would pass without actually entering the server once every day let alone week let alone month



I’m coming back for you, Frenchie. I will break you with a rod of iron. I will dash you in pieces like a potter’s vessel. Kiss me, lest I be angry, and ye perish from the way, when mine wrath is kindled but a little.

MachineMedic for L8 2016
Medic Lives Matter
Medic’s Cinematic Universe
The Medic Clinic
Medic-inal Marijuana
Medics Going Their Own Way

ad infinitum, ad astra, et lumen infinitum.

für dich leben! für dich sterben! MachineMedic!

-One.Penguin0, provisional leader of One.


Nice proficient japanese. 頑張って