[Passed: L4] Machine Medic


With what, my mission to get Medic re-elected, or 倭 studies? Because I’m essentially N1 re: the latter.

が、 俺様が「豚外人」だのだ。


//Begin setup sequence
F1 VAR Byte
F2 VAR Byte
//End of setup sequence

//Begin main loop
SET F1 + 1

IF F1 > F2
//End main loop[/code]

My language is cooler. :slight_smile:


Is that a command .bat or script .vbs?


Simple PBASIC program. Probably full of little syntax errors because I am rusty, lol.


waaaaaaaddup penguinman


nm faceler automative
hbu friendo

trying to figure out what the fuck this stalker or slacker shit is or whatever tho

also, @ the above medic code: this is why medic needs L8
I defy you to give me a reason why he shouldn’t have it




Why forcing/allowing people to ask for administrative powers has always been the wrong approach from the start, and why it has taken me 9+ months to become annoyed enough by other players’ abuse of voting rights and power to fill out an application.


P.S. On the topic of abuse: I found that demo of Hero !pausing me and then “forgetting” about it for about three minutes if anyone that was asking for it still wants a copy. @dGr8LookinSparky & Co.


Weren’t you supposed to kill yourself?


Ur working the wrong way, the question when giving an individual admin rights is why they should have it, not why they shouldn’t.


Weren’t you supposed to be in prison for drug charges? Unrelated: where is floww, and how do I get to him


Alright fine, medic should have it because he’s not stoned 24/7 like you and can actually critically evaluate a situation without ‘substance influence’ bias
Don’t you think I forgot the nonsense you pulled on AA all the time, w/ mutes and kicks and occasionally bans
iirc you banned me for an hour or something once for calling you a dick
medic wouldn’t pull that shit

And he is incredibly right in the above post he made re: “asking for administrative powers”. That’s not how things tend to work, in either the ‘real’ world or the online world. How many people do you honestly think have a direct vote on your hire for a job? Sure as fuck won’t ever be ~10 people with mixed credentials and potential heavy biases. Then, in cases such as this wherein ‘administrative power’ is treated as a serious consideration essentially in-line with corporate hire, why is the aforementioned irregular system used? MachineMedic deserves a significant spot in the administration; and this is not coming from a ‘friend of his’ per se; rather, it comes from someone who has kept a vigilant eye over things in silence. I understand the rules, I understand the concept of interpretation of the rules, and I understand that MachineMedic can serve them better and act upon them better than the majority of your current administrative “powers that be”, as it were. He does not break rules, he does not tentatively toe the line (as many of the present figures in power do), and he does not allow personal bias to influence decisions; nor has he historically done the same. Seeking protection from potential damages in sociopolitical hermitism (i.e. the way access to power has been made extremely restricted and inadvertently thereby coveted) does not provide you any favors; rather, it damages the will and the identity of the will of your political hierarchy in both the public and private eyes. Take a chance, make a change, and break away - give Medic what he has earned through his intensive loyalty and impassivity throughout the many years in which he has been with us. If not, then take away Mae’s, since he’s a filthy french fuck

And if we’re all going to post youtube links to prove a vaguely implicative stance on administration, then I’m getting in on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG-EzHjcGVg


lmao topkek ad hominems, great way to prove a point.

Implying people in charge of recruiting for companies don’t have heavy biases. “friend of a friend” policies are pretty common afaik.

That’s a great skill for an admin, might get Medic pretty far. Your post however, is full of personal bias against mae.


Passed Level 4.



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