Proper Scrim Procedure & Etiquette


To anyone @'ing me about not allowing other clan leaders to join in the creation of universal scrim rules.

I addressed bug about it, he responded with: No, we will continue ignoring you as if you guys aren't here [trem]. (not verbatim, but pretty damn close).

Sparky: Has not said anything he'd like in the rules.

Face: On vacation.


Bug basically told me to fuck off after I asked him to touch in on this thread.


Sorry, I had forgotten you scrimmed a few times every week. Please rewrite the thread for me with your expansive knowledge of competitive Tremulous.


Don't forget kids, we are all on a rock floating somewhere in space.


Bluntness/Cleanup to the stuff said in the comments on this thread:

I apologize to anyone who felt that Fk was attempting to force these rules upon the server. That is NOT the case. Everyone has the right to play this game how they want to. However, I feel like the only one forcing the issue here. The issue being vague scrim rules and shitty situations in said scrims. All I am trying to do is establish CONCRETE rules that each clan can agree upon and abide by.

The other day I asked Bug to touch on the thread, he said something along the lines of fuck off.

Face is on vacation.

Sparky (while leaving his thoughts) hasn't aided in the actual modification of scrim rules.

So whoever is telling me to get help from other clan leaders - believe me I've tried.

I'm willing to sit down with other competitive voices of this community and establish concrete rules for scrimmages. As it stands, scrimming is very toxic. 1 round win 1 round tie is a skewed and broken rule to aid the underpowered human side in every scrim. Time evos also do not promote ANY dretch gameplay. As it is, dretches are not a valued class in the competitive community. They are worthless when a whole team can camp for 2 minutes and get a dragoon.

We shouldn't reward high level players that spend hours on this game a week for camping. Camping is probably the most recognized and widespread issue in pubs, it's not fair to translate that into scrims. Sure this may sound hypocritical given Fk's performances in scrims in the years. We are not ones to deny our wrongdoing. Yes we have camped, yes we have received plenty of time evos. Yes we have abused 1 round win 1 round tie. That should stop immediately. That is only done by the coalition of multiple competitive players for the establishment of static scrim rules that every clan can use comfortably. What I've constructed above is a mere skeleton for said rules. I think they are all fair and they are all justified. Now, I need to know YOUR thoughts.

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(You can only @ 10 users per post, sorry to any other clansmen or competitive voices that didn't catch a mention.)


What are your guys thoughts on picking/banning certain maps? Or sub-rules such as picking only vanilla maps?


Jk i would love to see fk have no time evos allow. THAT MEANS THEY WILL ACTUALLY HAVE TO RUSH!?!!?!??!? lets see how that goes


.. When's the last time NoS dretch rushed early? We all time evo, stop being so spiteful.


when does nos not dretch rush early??


Humans can still hide in their base to troll the opposition and it's impossible for dretchs to attain kills behind a line of turrets. You would still experience camping at the hands of less experienced players/teams and this time you would be stuck as a rifle or dretch instead of shotty/goon.

Disabling them completely is a solution for now but I think time evos should be adjusted as opposed to removed. The algorithm/method in which they are attained should be adjusted. For example; the time near base statistic in /mystats is already implemented, perhaps you only attain time evos/creds if you are not gaining time on that statictics. That forces both teams outside of the map, potentially holding up in spots in their favour, which I think is great for map gameplay and usage. It allows both teams to be away from their direct spawns and dps structures which means balanced and healthy fights. Another solution could be providing small amounts of evo/credit contributions for tube/turret kills, this provides an incentive to push the opponents base AND kill structures prior to SD.

Two pauses of 2 minutes might be more suitable.

Considering trems dwindling population should the base clan member number exceed 5 it may be more interesting to then allow up to 2 subs.

I'd like clarification on if they request to leave MID round. I think the rounds should always end on an even number, pulling out prior to that encourages rage quitting and swore losers.

Regardless, I am happy to scrim under these rules.


Sorry, but I call that a false good idea. Why is it a false good idea? because you can be near base ( radius ) so you don't get time-credit while being in the middle of the map, far from your base.( because of wall )

E.G : in nano, when you are at the center of the map, you are "far" from base AND very near of it ( because of radius)


Time evos on and share off?


This is fine.

This is also fine, I was thinking of a standard 4v4/5v5 when making this. Maybe a 6v6 and up can merit 2 non-clan subs.

I'll refer to my latest post on DevHC's thread, it explains how I feel about the idea of drawing in this game due to no time evos.


It could be possibly be recoded so it isn't based upon your proximity to the RC or OM but the nearest friendly structure.


again, you can be near of alien base, and if a friendly structure is behind a wall, the system could consider you camping in your base. I thought about split map in different section: H base / A base / center of map/ Area near H base / area near A base, and each area would define how much time credit you earn, but if the H or A move their base, this idea is fucked up.


This would imply the map is insanely small. Should that map be chosen with this quite unlikely base position variable you receive the same outcome set currently which is no time evos. Exploiting this in maps would be cause for scrim teams to avoid using that map or banning it from some sort of pre selected pool. Also, when they switch on that map they are welcome to do the same thing.

I see more of a problem for this on large maps, where aliens can out run/cycle humans forever outside their base until they get their time evos to get a goon.


What about forwards? They would technically be considered friendly structures. This seems like it might be a little complicated


That has nothing to do with camping for time credits.

While Fk has scrimmed some smaller clans, I can assure you that upwards of 90% of our scrims are against NoS/$.

I disagree. Tremulous is about two things, killing the enemy team, and destroying their spawns. You should not be rewarded unless you are achieving one of those two things.

Two minutes is often insufficient. I agree with the 5 minute pause per half.

Again, this is irrelevant when you consider the fact that only three clans scrims, all of whom have more than enough players to compete.

The round would be void.


a thief believes everyone steals. :spy:

1: we can give it a try.
2: sure
3: disagree, leave it at 25. but i'd be willing to try 20.
4: disagree. but we could give it a shot.
5: lets try it and see what happens. the idea of time evos/creds and share off is also cool we should try that.
6: disagree. who cares.
7: there are exceptions sometimes. pauses haven't really ever been a big issue, and without timed evos then what's the worry.
8: i'm guessing you guys still will always give yourself H first. idc it doesn't matter.


who cares



Then it wouldn't be a scrim?

Think what you'd like, at least we'll be using a public discord when the rest of the clans (presumably) won't.