Proper Scrim Procedure & Etiquette


WRONG. Tremulous will be about whatever u want it to be through the design of the game. personally, i want Tremulous to be about rushing and forward building, sneaky and strategic plans, and non-suicidal fights of primarily players vs players and players+buildables vs players+buildables. i also find ur preference of rejecting (forward) base construction weird — there r so many of the usual „kill & destroy” games out there.


1.1 vanilla game play is very unfriendly towards the building of human forwards (alien forwards are not usually great in that game play neither).

With that said, when drafting rules for scrims, we should keep in mind that while currently 1.1 vanilla game play is effectively the only game play being used for scrims, that may change in the near future, and multiple game plays may become popular for scrims (hopefully). so the rules should have a certain degree of generality when relating to game play.


Or rather there should be two sets of rules for scrims, one set that is game play independent, and another that is game play specific.


There's called team kill or TK alternately. Or just H vs A..... Who else?

Uhhh.... You should use this sentence: "Human+buildables vs. Alien+buildables" as it's more accurate meaning and understanding. :confused:


True for human buildables since their main base will be extremely weak. It often consists of just a repeater for energy weapon reloads and a ret and/or a medipad.

I totally disagree with the alien forwards though. The aliens' regeneration and huge capacity of roaming around the map makes base defense negligible (especially since alien players are the defenses 95% of the time, and also because aliens will pressure all entrances of human's base, very often), and sacrificing a trapper or two is often not big a deal. Having one egg forward instead of your base adds to the survivability rate of a sudden luci/psaw/grenade rush. There will also be only one forward booster (that means, none in base) to allow aliens to regenerate faster and constantly have poison. It adds a lot of pressure to humans since a lot more aliens will constantly be in either the H base or the booster right in front of it, regenerating. The extra one or two trappers tend to make it extremely hard to chase and take down running aliens, on top of securing the forward and making it even harder to take out.

TL;DR: Insane pressure on one side of the map, slightly lowered base defense potential, added survivability because of egg spread, increased survivability and killing potential of aliens running out of human's base, more evoes, more rushes.

The result of all of these combined is far from being negligible if played right. The problem is there is no versatility in forward bases. (1/2 trappers, 1 booster, 1 egg all year)

Forgot to mention that since the forward egg is often the last egg built, aliens will automatically respawn there if it is available, adding to the pressure.


and through that, one develops a disliking for building in general, and would like to see it pushed back by game design ?


One may appreciate the mechanics building add to the game, but not being a builder.

I don't see where Hero mentioned this.


No, but it has something to do with time evos if humans refuse to leave. The only thing that forces humans out of their base right now is the fear that aliens will gain time evos and a free goon. Why not sit back close to base with their ranged weapons? I really don't think turning of time evos/credits completely is the solution.

I present to you a hat clan led by ninja in which they will refuse to leave base for 45 minutes and we will still be dretchs with maybe 1-2 evos on one guy. Dretchs can't even end a game, humans could jetpack for 45 minutes with no chance of defeat. They don't win as per the 2-0 rules, but they can waste our time for 45 minutes by going AFK in the air once they confirm that there is only dretchs.

Unless you intend to only follow these proceedings for 6 months~ it is relevant. New clans still have the possibility of forming and assuming otherwise is unhealthy for the clan scene which is the opposite of this threads purpose.

Killing defensive structures allows you and your team to access these spawns more easily. Additionally, making tremulous more than just those two things would make it more fun. You make it about map control, unvanquished uses drilling systems, this is a similar solution but requires less modification to 1.1 vanilla and less coding time.

We all know bird is going to use our 5 minute pause every scrim and when I need to take a 30 second piss I will then have to use my window instead. :clap: This 5 minute period also extends the overall game time (potentially) which counteracts the proceeding in points #3 & #4.

As it should be and as it should be clarified in the initial post.


Other clans are invisible I guess. Cool.


My apologies but the only two members I every see on are you and Meta. I didn't know you scrimmed or were even interested in scrimming.


Maz is active too. Ofc we scrim, ask to Sparky or bug.


How dare you leave out Pk?! Who do you think you are?! /s


Are you talking to me or to bird ? I never joined Pk dude


It feels like this is a problem that isn't going to be easily solved until we get actual changes into the game rather than establishing scrim rules.


My point being that until such a thing happens, I'm inclined to agree with Ckit that turning it off completely isn't the solution we should be looking for.


That was to bird, soz


Left out ebsf also. D: how dare you.


Which are the clans currently active (and for active I mean with more than 3 players doing clan wars) ?

Fk| @Hero
*<{ @dGr8LookinSparky
{NoS} @faceman
Sir| @Ghost
[EBSF] @Effect (?)
Pk @Craze (?)

Any other?


Fair enought


I have some doubt about Pk lol


Pk has 3 members at most and in these proceedings it states a 3v3 is not a scrim. I haven't seen more than 2 Pk on at once in over 6 months.