Proper Scrim Procedure & Etiquette


@Taylor same for LSD| right? @Ckit


In representation of *<{ clan I'll be the one that will post here :slight_smile:, we are currently discussing this set of rules in our clan topic, we will give a feedback very soon :wink:


Whether these rules are enforced or not will allow Bug and his clan to scrim. If the rules are actually enforced and put together Bug will run into problems with this, if these rules are not enforced but put together and he deny's them there's not much we can do.

If willing (and allowed ETC.) I will gladly moderate each and every scrim for discord of any clan but another would be needed as there are two clans (If both using discord) without being in the game at all which will ensure no ghosting :slight_smile:

I would say good luck with your attempts!

Good luck on your future attempts @bird :slight_smile:


You understand how little sense this makes considering I was quoting your post regarding "camp trolling?"

You do remember scrimming hat clan when their only intention was to camp timelimit? We had all goons. They did not rush for fear of us getting goons.

This is not an effective strategy.

It is proven effective.

This has happened before. I would recommend not scrimming such players.

I intend for this to be followed until tremulous is buried in its grave.

Look everyone, Ckit made a funny.

That is a secondary objective. You will NEVER win by killing defensive structures alone.

I didn't create tremulous, this is the way it is.

Irrelevant. People need breaks, they're not machines. Play time is more manageable.


We had 4 on yesterday. I was also kidding about the active thing. That's what the /s means


Sorry to say but ninja was not a leader of hat he was only a self proclaimed scrim captain who we decided to accept(Not full on the subject)

With new scrim captains this should gladly solve your problems I was aware of their problems and deemed it unfair in scrims.

But as of now I haven't seen any hat clan rules against it so I couldn't say much.


I'd say we have enough members to scrim, that we could get on if needed lol

EBSF Members




Can you show the "proof"?


Let me begin by thanking NoS for what turned out to be a truly memorable scrim experience. Thank you for giving the new rules a chance.

With time evos off the aliens are under greater pressure to get kills. NoS had a great early showing and caught us with our pants down.

After the scrim we discussed possible solutions to the [round 1 draw = map draw] dilemma, and this is what we came up with.

Soccer points system.

Two maps per scrim

Two rounds per map

One round win = 3 points

One round draw = 1 point

One round loss = 0 points

If at the end of four rounds the result is a draw, we move to the equivalent of penalty kicks, that is to say 1v1s.

Depending on the size of the scrim the number of 1v1 duels would change.

For example a 4v4 = four 1v1 duels. If the duels result in a draw then we go to sudden death. One final duel to decide the winner.

We discussed the duels as either Helmet + Shotgun vs Goon or Helmet + Rifle vs Mara, with balanced terrain.

This is by no means set in stone, we are simply looking for fun alternatives that keep true to the spirit of tremulous but still embody a competitive spirit. Please discuss.

@romdos Thank you so much for accommodating us. I do hope that increased clan activity and scrims are a part of your vision for a revived tremulous.

@dGr8LookinSparky I apologize for saying "no one asked you" in response to your map suggestion. Our voip channel devolved into a screaming match and tensions were high, but there is no excuse for rudeness. Perhaps hat clan would be interested in scrimming on epic?


It's a good idea bird and i thank you for everyone because your post is a quality post. I think the new clans still have difficulty was to integrate the scrim system which first put above all the competition ahead because players think about winning scrim not think has what is normal you tell me. But knowing that the major part of the good players are already party clans for new jor it is difficult to enjoy this completely different game mode. I take into my clan example: Sir (my opinion only my opinion on this clan: this is not a new clan and I do not think that the level is low it is even a good clan in my opinion) but despite all this he parrut me pretty hard for our scrim team to really get into the scrim community. And this probably because of 2 things:
- firstly because of the fact that all players scrim have known for years.
- secondly because some players belittling the clans they do not know or do not believe. (I cite anyone because all of admins already know which players it is I would simply specify item that Gematria is not concerned and I am not at all in conflict with this player that Btw I appreciate each day a little more)



^Hero when he came up with this idea

How about an ATCS bunker teamfight where the survivors win the tie breaker

Obviously it would be forbidden to leave the outside area and make whoever does it's clan insta-lose


You're talking about a system that could be used for a Tourney, not for a simple scrim.
I'm with you for the 4 rounds on 2 diff maps (like I said before).
This system is completely useless for a normal scrim because even if I don't use the point system I still know if I win, draw or lose.

1v1 =/= clan scrim (and a waste of time).

I think that with 4 rounds we should accept every possible result (so draw too).
If you don't want to see any more draws, you can talk about:
- Kills done in the tied round
- Efficiency of a clan (if I win a round in 6 mins, you a round in 15 mins, and then we draw the next rounds, I win the match coz I won in less time)


Smart idea, would encourage people not to camp and promote aggressive gameplay.

Honestly you guys should rather go with Blizz's idea or atleast give it a try.


I disagree.

This system is completely useless for you because your clan has no intention of changing the way scrims work.

If you would like to reread my post, you'll see that the duels are in the event of a draw. The duels also add a degree of excitement for both the players and the spectators.

Kills are not indicative of winning. See below screenshot.

Note the fact that I have 85 more kills than you, but lost the round.

Thanks for your suggestion. This is not indicative of skill. Fk can win with a tactical 25 minute master class in round one, and get basi hopped in 2 minutes the following round, and yet somehow we're the losers in this scenario.


Because 1on1s in a game supposed to be played in teams is indicative of skill. Kek.


If professional soccer, the largest sport in the world, deems a 1v1 as a fitting way to end a team stalemate, then we should consider it.

If you think trem is a team game you've never played a pub in your life.


Irrelevant: Soccer is humans with 2 legs each playing in the same conditions. Trem is aliens vs humans and unless you lock people to 1 class and 1 weapon (GAY! People don't have the choice.) there is no way to be on equal grounds.

How about you actually win pubs by yourself if it isn't, instead of just killwhoring.



What about players with synthetic legs you ableist .

If you don't think a shotgun vs a goon is an even fight then I have no words for you, you're just wrong.



Never heard about this before. Can you back this up?

Great! That's 1 somewhat (a good dragoon will kill the shotty no matter their level 9 times out of 10, just saying) balanced vs. How about other classes and weapons?



That is the duel I proposed. If you would like to suggest another balanced combination of human weapon vs alien class, please do so instead of debating the nature of soccer or my fabricated kill whoring.