Quitting Tremulous if this cant be fixed soon

Okay So i’ve been having issues connecting for the last week. I got on one day and every time i would connect to grangerpub or grnagerclub my tremulous would completely crash and stop working with no error prompt. tried getting a condump before i connect and still was unable to receive an answer on how to fix my issue. Let it be noted i still have ZERO issues connecting to other servers just ours. i havent made any changes to my tremulous what so ever before this issue, just connected one day and was unable to connect.

Since no one could help me fix my issue i was forced to completely reinstall tremulous. At this point my TJW client would no longer work kept receiving another error ONLY when i connected to our server… I was forced to use tremfussion (hate it with a passion) and could not get my HUD to work with tremfussion. again i asked for help this time on slack and again received no help on how i could get my hud to work. At this point with no hud installed having all these issues and still receiving no help im starting to feel frustrated since this is very obviously a server related issue and not something on my end since i can connect to any other server.

Well today i get back on still no hud, so no binds. and what do you know another error… I’ve had the maxstrings error in the past which has become frustrating because this happens at least 2-3 times a week but restarting my computer always seems to fix it. well not this time. I’m once again unable to connect and really wish someone could help me out.

If someone can not figure out a solution to fix this I will be quitting trem. I’m tired of having issues on a daily basis that no one can seem to fix.

SO what i need help with…

-fixing the maxstrings error that seems to be plaguing many players.
-getting my hud to work again

  • getting rid of the transparent console on tremfusion if possible.

Have you tried turning it off and on again? rofl
Btw threatening with leaving the server if people don’t help you, is a very bad way to get people to help you, just makes less people give a shit tbh.

Slacker has been fucking over binds and huds for ages, join the club.

Firstly, you are not the only one with this problem. Slackers has been causing lots of problems for many people who have eventually quietly and peacefully resolved their issues.

What I suggest you do :-

  1. Completely uninstall tremulous and make sure to delete ALL tremulous related files including your HUD files.
  2. Install tremulous and then tremfusion. (Why do you hate tremfusion?)
  3. Connect to the server.
    4)If you really cannot live without a HUD (heaven forbid) then download the volts HUD here on the forums that has been modded to work with slackers.

I’ll admit i came off as very angry in my post, because i was, prob shouldnt have typed it up till i cooled down but anyways…

  1. already did that
  2. I did that as well. i hate trem fusion because i have issues with it crashing alot i also hate the transparent console it overlaps the background chat and makes it very hard to see, i wouldnt mind it if i could make the console a solid color but apperently i cant. :frowning:
  3. did that. The server after a hour later decided to be nice and not give me the maxstrings error. that still doesnt fix the fact that it happens 2-3 times a week. but at least im back on for now.
  4. i find it very annoying to play without a binds menu. it slows me down majorly. So thats why im so upset volts hud will not work.

Who has experience installing/using kreative’s modification of Volt’s HUD (modified) volt's hud! ?

I have been dissuading and avoiding volts hud due to reported mega catastrophes, perhaps I should check it out though and see for myself what the issues are.

I have a better option, and i do when i have this problems.

  1. Completely uninstall tremulous, delete all tremulous files (program files; appdata/roaming), and then clean the registry to see some tremulous issues, so clean them.
  2. First install the tremulous base game, join to grangepub or club to download the slacker files, and then u can install the hud, and finish installing the tremfusion (or another trem client).
  3. Connect to the server, and enjoy it! :smile:

May I refer you to @Menace13 . He’s Fk’s residential problem solver and trem pertaining info extraordinaire.

Transparent console is easy, but I can’t really help with the other two without way more information.
To change the opacity of your console, change this command:

/scr_conColorAlpha [default: 1.0]

It ranges from 0.0 to 1.0, and the default (for the original Tremulous client) is 1.0, which is 100% opacity (no transparency, or, by default, full black [although you can change the color using other commands]). Setting it to 0.0 would be fully transparent. Personally I use 0.5.

For anyone who wants to change the color of their console, there are three commands for the red, blue, and green scales. They are:

/scr_conColorRed [default: 0.0] /scr_conColorBlue [default: 0.0] /scr_conColorGreen [default: 0.0]
Like with the command for transparency, these all range from 0.0 to 1.0, with 0.0 being the default for all three (black). You can also change your console bar’s height, color, and transparency using the following five commands:

/scr_conBarHeight [default: 2] /scr_conBarColorAlpha [default: 1.0] /scr_conBarColorRed [default: 1.0] /scr_conBarColorBlue [default: 0.0] /scr_conBarColorGreen [default: 0.0]
Besides the height (which doesn’t have an equivalent among the scr_conColor* commands) all work the same as scr_conColor* commands do, but only affect the tiny bar at the bottom of the console.


em hmmmmmm

i’ll try help you.

also check sterr.txt, it recording any errors…

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