(>R) ~Dark Rivals~ *


Provisional logo: Image Link: http://imgur.com/a/ZQ1dk
Draw by Punky.


  • Pedro/LegendaryDirectory/FuckinPedro'


  • Punky/Staxx/YellowLightning/Lightning

* Banana (Player under test period)
* Draikonz
* Dragos
* Hard4ever
* Lord
* Meta.Staze (Left for Hiv clan)
* Reval
* Sonic
* ShaDow
* Shaco

Tag associations:

  • Official: (>R)Name* or '
  • Alternative: Dark.Name' or *

We recruit by invitation only.

Scrim results: WINS / TIES / LOSES: 4 / 2 / 2


  • (>R) Vs NoS: 2-0-0
  • (>R) Vs {$}: 2-0-1
  • (>R) Vs NoS: 2-0-1
  • (>R) Vs EBSF: 2-0-0 (EBSF left the match)


  • (>R) Vs NoS: 1-1-0
  • (>R) Vs {$}: 1-2-1 (1 win for each clan and 2 time limits reached. We had to sub Fk|Bird because 1 dark member had to leave)


  • (>R) Vs {$}: 1-0-2
  • (>R) Vs NoS: 0-0-2


(Updated, please delete old roster)

Sorry, is this indicating something for the forum moderators to do? Where is the "old roster"?



This should be it: https://forum.grangerhub.com/t/dark-rivals/3505. :slight_smile:


Kthx m8, done.

@YellowMellow Goodluck!




Don't think you've ever beaten us in a scrim buddy.

Also with that ESBF 'win' your guy left without warning and the other team didn't wish to wait for you to get a sub besides the match hadn't even technically started it was still within the warm up phase.

But I guess you're going for the confidence boost angle though.


Actually they did beat you james. i was there.


I think maybe we should get some proof of the actual scrim, maybe that will fix this situation? :slight_smile:


If only there were taken screenshots.. but there are several witnesses there. ask bird and hero they were there.


We stomped you baby, keep riding this D.

My member had to restart the router due to internet problems and we did warn, EBSF didn't want to wait. We win.


You can say whatever you feel, but your lack of proof and credible witnesses are quite hilarious. If it makes you feel better about yourself lol.

None of you said anything you were frantically asking for people to sub for you in the game chat. Everyone declined and then EBSF left as there wasn't anyone willing to participate for you. You had never once said that he was coming back. You were surprised when he came back.