Random Dev. Shots


Yeah, I think that might be the name. It was super fun, especially with unlimited BP.


Ned2reworkATCSlooksonmapfirst (Not all of it though, fuck you.)


@faceman , your images disappeared!


o dang


I don't have in-game pics yet, and it's still heavily WIP but yeah:

Front of bunker w/ an ad space for ghub (Don't make your eyes bleed on the little square thing on top too much, it's not finished. & if anyone wants to make an actual ad texture, feel free to do so.)

Behind bunker st4irs of doom

Sexy elevator (Not functional yet, just have made most of the design.) It goes up in the ugly shitcube atop of it.

Global view.

The white square is a retarded glitch that happens when I screencap the editor.


Very excellent work so far Mae :smiley: ! Does this map have a back story?


You're free to make one up if you want to :>




Been slacking a little bit, but the good news is there isn't much clipping and shit left to do in this area, need to add the details on the walls & floor/lights/etc and make a roof/skybox and it should be good. The other areas of the map should be funnier and take less time to design fortunately.

Have some wireframe porn aswell.

I don't have much more to show, since a lot of my latter work was done on clipping shit inside of the tunnels. So unless you like to be staring at holes (...not this kind of holes) it isn't really entertaining.

The little glass cube on top contains a granger in case you wondered. Oh also the ugly-cube-top-part of elevator looks slightly better also but it's still shit.

It would be good if I could throw in some tags on the walls representing clans and shit to help break the grayness of the textures and give it a little more natural feeling. Am bad at this stuff though.


still waiting for your ingame shots MR NOB


Rofl 7 months already sheit I'll be back s00n no worries mr faes


im watching

im waiting






uploaded 9 months ago

Good, you will need a headstart :smiling_imp:


I brought eX into trem :).


that's awesome. welcome back odin! where's datacenter? 8)


Dunno but here's some screenshots of something I'm working on.


Looks good but i wish more mappers would focus on revamping other default maps besides atcs. There are like 30 re-makes of atcs.

Maejong revamped Arachnid
Matth revamped Tremor

Would be nice to see a revamped version of Karith, Nexus6, Niveus.


Also Uncreation effect! Or naw?