Release: eX Combat Simulator


Sorry Odin, I hope that you don’t mind
this is my poor attempt


First image is the original EXCS map for the Tremulous 1.3

This is my poor attempt



let’s try this again :slight_smile:

and again

I am still learning this $h!t.

UTCS UD - Development Thread

Let’s try this yet again



There is much work left to do here :slight_smile:


Some more screenshots:


Nice textures! :smiley:



I believe that this will be the last thing what I will do with this milestone on the graphics


Oh gosh! Fantastic! :smiley:


Dushan - Signed out 09/11/2018 23:35


El Dorado Combat Simulator


El Dorrito Combatio Senorito.


I think this name should be better :slight_smile:


whoa u guys are still alive???


Yes :slight_smile:


dang and here i thought trem was dead. well in my eyes its still dead. until all those people i knew from forever ago come back and fill up servers its a dead game :frowning: plus people ruined trem for me when they made it so games dont last 2+ hours anymore and made it down to like 45mins its no fun anymore with those limitations.


it is not about returning old players. It is about bringing new players