Release: eX Combat Simulator


Still I’m sure that a lot of old players will return when they see large numbers of new players, which would be cool (I have a lot of old friends from trem that would be awesome to chill with again), but new players are the most essential.


well bring old players back i just dont see ever happening. they left years ago, theyve probably moved on with their lives, or are into the games with much better graphics


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and now, back on topic

new ATCS (I hope that Odin don’t mind because I changed name from EXCS to the ATCS)

This is not a engine demonstration or tech demonstration. it is full and playable version :slight_smile:
Video coming very soon.


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Oilulous. Looks pretty inreresting, nice. :slight_smile:


New video


Very Awesome :slight_smile: ! That should be called El Dorado Combat Simulator :wink: . What can be done with the skybox to make it awesome and fit better with the rest of the map?


El Dorito Combatito Simularito.


I didn’t forbid anyone other to change shaders how they like and want :slight_smile:
Also if you don’t like something, please fix or change/add it yourself

I will give kudos :slight_smile:


I do very much like the effects you are demonstrating. I’m just curious as to what can be done for the skybox with the OpenWolf engine, From the screenshots/video, it looks like you are still using the old original atcs skybox for that version. I remember you demonstrating some interesting skybox features previously, what can be done?


I will add something like this

just better and with new tech. :slight_smile:
Possible with rain (at this moment and this day 11/19/2018) I think that


This is more technically correct :slight_smile:


New video


Looking pretty awesome :slight_smile: !