Remove Reactor and Overmind


Without a single point of failure which also takes a lot of valuable space, players will be more free to build. Since build points are now limited, it will still be possible to win games.


This is an interesting concept to consider, and perhaps we should try it out sometime. Besides having various inconveniences in terms of game play, making major moves very difficult to pull off, the overmind and reactor has been some primary sources of griefing and bad moves since always. They make it easy for a single player (whether with malicious intent, or just a new player who doesn’t yet know the basics to building) to ruin an entire match at any point in the game if an admin isn’t fast enough to revert the damage.

There could be safety measures put in place, like for players that don’t have a high enough trust level yet, an automatic team vote would be called asking the team if it is ok for the om/rc to be deconned, and if it passes, allow the decon (I’ve heard that a/some mods have done that in the past). Or make deconning a process, where the team is notified that a specific player is attempting to decon, and the team has time to do something about it if it is a bad move. Such safety measures may decrease instance of griefing and bad moves, however I’m sure that they wouldn’t be fool proof, and at the point of actual decon, there could still be a lot of damage to a match. Putting griefing and bad moves aside, if it took additional time to deconstruct, that could be a hindrance to the flow of the game, where windows of opportunities might be missed in many instances.

Something else to consider, perhaps rather than completely removing the overmind/reactor, decrease the impact of their absence, For example allow a short period of time (maybe 20 or 30 seconds) where all buildables would still be powered without the om/rc (like a builtin “battery supply” for each buildable).

Maybe various/all aspects of the role of the overmind/reactor should be changed (we have assets for the two buildables, it would be a shame if they were wasted and not used for something). It will be interesting to see what kinds of possible altered/new roles the om/rc are brainstormed.


Here is another possibility to consider. What if the overmind and reactor core did not have the unique requirement (that is what if you could build more than one of each)? Additionally they would cost bp to build, and you would not be allowed to decon the last om/rc in the same way that you are not allowed to decon the last spawn.


Like have multiple big bases for maybe say big maps? Also why not have maybe something that can get building resources for possibilities like multiple mega/medium bases, ex: Mining Drill / Alien Extractor. There could be other methods of creating or getting more BP too. Also with this in mind big maps might be more usable if people are up to the task of building the base and getting it set up. Controlling X amount of bases or etc could have an outcome for the game ending too, as a little side note or game. :wink:


We are now testing the following changes on the GrangerLab server:

  • You can now build multiple overminds and reactors.

  • Overminds and Reactors currently cost 30 bp each.

  • Aliens can devolve into a granger without needing an overmind (evolving/devolving into any other class still requires the overmind).

I don’t yet have disallowing the decon of the last overmind/reactor, I’m not yet sure if that is the way to go.


I think granger and ckit should have an “adjust” feature that allows then to slowly move buildings without deconstructing them. For example, this will be useful in ATCS, where the reactor, telenodes and the overmind start at ALMOST good positions, but still too far from the wall to be safe (a human can go behind the overmind, and marauders can jump on top of the reactor and use it to shield themselves against turret fire).


Another idea: allow building multiple defense computers! They should improve lock-on capabilities of turrets (this may or may not stack with multiple DCs), indicated by an integrated circuit icon over the turret’s health bar. They should also report when any structure in its range is under attack, and you should be able optionally name them.


Something I’m a bit worried about removing the Reactor and Overmind completely. Doing so might break building a little bit. And by little bit, I mean a lot. The game is mostly centered around them. Removing them is like removing the Earth’s Core. (Yes fighting is a huge part of the game, but without a base, fighting is as useless as trying to decipher my thoughts ( :stuck_out_tongue: ).)

I would gladly be fine with testing it, but maybe not removing them completely, I’d say we could maybe have a use of them like a source of upgrades or possibly a boost of stats as long as it’s working. This way, it would still be a good thing to destroy it whilst still being a good and powerful advantage over the enemy if kept protected.


As it turns out, there are some annoying aspects to having multiple overminds/reactors, for example building multiple reactors/overminds to block entrances. Also having them cost 30 bp (which is a must for multiple reactors/overminds, otherwise if they cost less, they would be spammed a lot more often), is annoying in cases where you might have something like 27 bp left, unable to rebuild an om, and could have otherwise build an egg or two. So it is time to try a new update:

  • Only at most one overmind and one reactor can be built again.

  • The cost of an overmind and the cost of a reactor has been reduced to 10 bp.

  • Almost all buildables now have each a “built in battery power supply” where they can remain powered for X (25 seconds for most buildables currently, 30 seconds for the teleporter) amount of time without a power source.

  • Alien buildables now have each a creep reserve that allow them to survive up to 8 seconds without any creep source, before dying.

Both the GrangerLab server and the Unitremia server now have these latest updates.

Those updates are a part of this commit:


English is not my native language, so correct me if I’m wrong. You can lose only 2 RC/OM? Only twice and then you can’t rebuild it? If so… then it’s hitting the balance. Two success rushes by normal team and ‘gg’, lol. I know that buildables have a lot of HP, but it’s not that hard, really.


I think I was a bit unclear, sorry about that. What I mean is in the previous update we made it so that you could have multiple overminds and reactors existing simultaneously, while with this latest update we went back to allowing only at most one overmind/reactor at a time existing for each team (the way most previous Tremulous plays handled instances of the overmind/reactor). Since the overmind/reactor currently costs 10 bp each, you do have a restriction via the bp reserve on the number of times you can rebuild, but it should still be numerous enough (better than when it was costing 30 bp).

In other words, if the overmind is down, and aliens have at least 10 bp available for use, an alien builder would be able to rebuild an overmind, while if there is currently an overmind built, another overmind can’t be built at the same time. Same applies to the reactor for human builders.


Oh, now all clear and sounds good enough to me. Thanks! :smiley: