Rename 'Evil Genius Think Tank'

Let’s give this category a new name. The big idea here is to brainstorm starter ideas and guide the discussion along until the idea is mature and can be graduated to a new category. After graduation, the idea can live out the rest of its mundane existence by working a job it hates to support its family and struggle to pay off crippling debt from student loans.

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That is a secondary purpose, but eventual “graduation” should not be required for ideas in this category. The main most important thing is to get people to practice with creative thinking without inhibition.

The Hivemind Hovel


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the point is to broadcast unconstrained topics – especially random, wacky ones --, to potentially tilt the minds of others out of their otherwise bounded space of exploration, revealing new, interesting lines of investigation related to game development.

in my terms, the point is to SPARK™ topics, potentially causing IGNITION™.

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mod mayhem
idea revolution
communal brainstorm
eureka moment

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A variation of that: idea idea revolution

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