Replicating ATCS on the Spark Engine

Been trying out the Spark Editor (Natural Selection 2 map maker) and repliating ATCS as my first try with e program. After 3 hours this is what I got:

Turns out it is quite easy to learn. The editor is not focused on objects having volume for example, but on vertexes and edges, linking them in a loop allows the creation of a surface.


That’s pretty good. How can you do that? :slight_smile:

Does the Spark Engine still run like Bernie Sander’s campaign or is it actually optimized now?

I have no idea how that works

By the way, an update!
I’ve comp[leted the hall area

hall area was difficult due to the program’s bugginess but other than that, most of the hallway are just replicated sections

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More updates
-completed donut ring main entrance
-Started on the fancy tall building front

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Dual-view video

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