Revert TeamStatus system. Fix #118 (PR #121)


I had to revert my previous TeamStatus system introduced in as I didn’t find any acceptable way to implant it on client and server without the need of custom QVM. (I would to add it on game logic, allowing servers to give a better way to send the team status than the /teamstatus command which have a lot of limitations).
I think that my code were quite well written: this repo is not a new version of tremulous, just a client.

What is removed:

  • Realtime team status sended along stages and other things in the snapshot
  • Spawning UI will not draw a “[!]” when a critical buildable is needed as: OM, booster, DCC, RC, Arm, MedicalStation
  • Builder UI will not draw “[!] [overmind/reactor]” when the reactor or OM need to be rebuild.
  • Builder UI will not draw “[!]” on needed critical buildable

What will still work:

  • It still show upgradable class/weapon/item
  • It still print a “[!]” on ammo when it’s not full
  • It still show locked class
  • It still show when you need to upgrade to adv builder to build anything

Preview of team/weapons/item/class/buildable are still fully working as it’s independent.


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