Server Connection Issue

Yo can someone fix the damn server. Cheers.

Oh, it’s up again we coo

the PROBLEM was that someone’s fat gf was clogging the network cables.

I assumed you were talking about GrangerPub, so I modified the thread and moved it in the appropriate category.

GrangerPub is having some issues that will hopefully be addressed SOON™. :slight_smile:

Rn 61 slots are too much for this server.

Sorry, we r using qvmhax to transmit top_secret information to the chinese government which is the cause of the server crashing so often U c

U mean they allocated more ram than they can support? Because this is pretty much the only thing having more (empty) slots does and is like the easiest thing to monitor

Seriously though it’s just Desala DDoS-ing and polebagging the server, blame his fart face

I mean that with +25 players server starts to crash.

Doesn’t always depend on player number. I just report that the server has crashed on slack every time it does. Server is usually back up within 10 minutes

desala also ddoses me after my ip was publicly released on this gay ass forum

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