Server got bug with Assault v6

When they playing Assault v6 in Grangerpub server, it finally crashed by “Bad command bytes”. But after minutes later, it will load my mapping without problem when tried again, idk why it stil same as test7341’s bug ??? :confused: :’(

I hope everyone will understand.

It well and truly killed the server haha, it happens no biggie. All I can suggest is a map remove…

Not it’s a real big problem, maybe some of the codes were conflicted and crashed, so i’ll remove every files and folders in pk3 files, and make a new fresh pk3 files for it. Idk it will works or not…

It might have been too high mapping for what the engine can support.

Solution: don’t play shitty maps.

It is a good map, Billy just needs to fix this bug, which looks like it is specific to the map and not the server (since this bug has now occurred on both the test7341 server and on GrangerPub).

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I believe the sound assets are what was causing the problem. I down sampled them to 44.1 KHz (not 96KHz) and exported as 16-Bit .wav (not 32 bit)

@BillyRazOr2015 Don’t use more than what engine can support :slightly_smiling:

You’re right! Until now I’m still finding about bugs, rombos are now helping me to fix that crappy. :wink:

BULLSHIT (unless MAGIC™®© happens), because the error kind („Bad command byte”) is one where the client receives a malformed gamestate packet from the server (the server doesn’t use any sound assets).

which is a general thing to do in any case, but if anything, this just mitigates the real PROBLEM in packet encoding.

The only other thing I changed was the readme!!!.txt to readme.txt ???

Try Removing the prior versions of the map from your computer first- I just ran into this issue the other day after downloading a 2nd version of the map.

Guys, I found a solution for fixing “bad command byte” error code.

I hope all admins will understand it. Thanks! :slightly_smiling:

Have you checked if anything was wrong in your map’s default layout?

My mapping is nothing problem as I checked it many times, loading map is normal, doesn’t have any error paths.

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