Server problems

Okay ive recently been playing trem again. Andeverytime i play i have experienced grangerpub going down 7 times. in 4 days. Thats really bad. Can anyone tell me why grangerpub is going down and disappearing off the list but club isnt?


The devs/host are working on this. If problem happens again, route yourself to the scrim or test server.


I’ve rebuilt the tremded and qvms to see if that will stop the crash. I believe the tremded was having a memory leak and it was running out of memory.

@romdos , GrangerPub still has that issue, I had to restart the server again just now.

Make Tremulous great again and you will be able to solve this problem.


Should I create a topic about making trem great again?

Feel free there are already like 10 threads similar to that anyways lol it wouldn’t get anywhere just be a lot of fantasys that won’t happen besides vanilla is what everyone wants

The problem is fixed (for now). The admin.dat was too bloated and was causing the crashes. I’ve enabled a g_adminExpireTime of 91 days, to remove L1’s (only) not seen within the last 90 days.

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That’s pretty cool :slight_smile:

Database support is a must, admin.dat needs to be made a thing of the past for Tremulous.


can’t you just revert to the last stable version?

The last set of crashes seemed to have initiated from the number of registered players, it was not from any updates to the software. The “solution” for now is unregistering level 1 players who have not been !seen on the server in over 90 days, which removed about 2/3 of the registered players from admin.dat. If anything, a major update is needed so that we are no longer restricted like this with the number of players that can registerd be on the server.

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