Setting up GTKRadiant/NetRadiant for Tremulous Mapping


Hello, after some time I’d like to start again trying mapping for tremulous…I have just tried to start GtkRadiant-1.6.4-Linux-x86_64 and it runs well…of course it does not come with gamepack for tremulous but it does have gamepacks for quake1 quake3 and urban terror which are other games I like. I’ve found instructions on how to download tremulous-gamepack but I don’t know if it’s fine so I ask here, this is the page with instructions:
which states this:
" GtkRadiant 1.6

Version 1.6 does not include the game pack. You must either extract the game pack from Tremulous or acquire it from SVN:
$ cd /path/to/GtkRadiant/installs $ svn co"

Is it ok? Or should i just use netradiant? which one does better for trem? thank you in advance.

Future of trem mapping

Ok…I tried to put netradiant’s trem gamepack folder in gtkradiant 1.6 folder but gives error after choosing the game at the start…so I will continue with Netradiant 1.5…


Hello @bitflow , I personally don’t have much experience with mapping and the current map editors for trem yet, and someone with more experience in that area can offer more insight (@Code_Man perhaps). However, with that said, this wiki might be helpful for your situation, I notice that it even includes installation and setup instructions for a few different versions of GITKRadiant:

I have heard that the latest version of GTKRadiant might currently have issues for trem mapping, and you may want to try an older version.


Thank you for the link @dGr8LookinSparky there are also good instructions on basic shaders! I’m trying to use netradiant for now which seems to fit better with my dark theme : )


@bitflow Since GTKRadiant wasn’t supported Trem engine from 1.6, instead you can try using NetRadiant, the GTKRadiant fork, was more functional than original GTK. Also NetRadiant have much better graphics for rendering. (depends for any graphics performance)


I’m trying out J.A.C.K …I have a very good impression…i just had some troubles understending how to convert .def files in fgd using def2fgd executable. It seems to me very similar to Valve Hammer if not the same code! Full of editing options. If game config is well set you compile map and then automatically run trem with your map…tested last night…


Awesome! @bitflow , do you know if the source code of J.A.C.K. is available? I see that it is available without cost, and even if it isn’t open source, this could be a very useful resource for trem mappers, but if the source code is available, there is more potential.


Uhm…I did some investigations…and I discovered that the downloadable version is old…becouse they are selling it on steam now…so no source code. Even thought they could accept collaborations with tremulous team, since they are mentioning the game on their web page, it will be out from the open source criteria anyway. Netradiant is still the best candidate…it only needs to be improved on some tasks…for example…I couldn’t create and recall a group of brushes which would be very usefull especially when you need to handle hundreds of brushes…or select them by texture…