Silica Gel Alliance


I've decided to register {SGA} On this forums. Basically a clan that was founded by ''cataclaw'' in 2006. where most of our members came from quake to trem.

Most of us have left trem a long time ago. But after talking to cataclaw i've decided to resurect the clan and make one final comeback to tremulous in hope that there will be more activity on servers.

As of so far i'm working on a forum. i'll keep this updated.
















We're mostly looking for individual skill, but perhaps most important is to have the right attitude. so if you're intrested. hook me up in-game or send me a PM.

That's jit in the vid with his lasgun skills, Representing {SGA}


Updated. :slight_smile:



Old vid as u can see, probably from 2007. :slight_smile: idiot.


How is a 9 years old video representative of your clan in its current state?


No simply just found it funny to post it..


Since this clan's missing a proper propaganda image and a proper logo:
(And since I'm part of this clan ^^)

(This is the first version, it might be modified.)


In your dreams bro.