Small spectator bug on test7341


Noticed this spectator bug yesterday. The : scroll : effect on the list of spectator names expands outside the window and causes duplicate names to appear.


Which client were you using?


the ui module, by GPP code, uses an engine call that restricts drawing of things inside a given rectangle, nominally the text area reserved for the list of spectators. 1.1 clients do not have support for this engine functionality, and so the 1.1-ized version of the ui module was made to simply skip the activation of this functionality, and do everything else, which in this case is to draw 2 bars of names. life sux for 1.1 clients, because noone has done anything to make the accommodation of this situation better for 1.1.



I do not have this issue on other servers, is there different protocol for this engine call on test 7341?


I have the same bug on tremusion. Only on the test server.


makes no sense.

clarification added.


Allow me to elaborate.

Is what you mentioned below the same for all grangerhub hosted servers?

If yes then the answer to my initial question (quoted below for your convenience) would be no.


no, only multi-protocol servers based on code of GPP (or on a more recent version of Tremulous developed at GitHub), which is test7341 (neither of GrangerPub, GrangerClub and QVMHax).

omfgbbq, nonsensical question has a truth value ?