Hola frinds!
Here my new map. Lucky! :laugh:



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The map archive checks out and boots up just fine. Cool stuff. :slight_smile:


Wow, from loading this map in my client it looks like it is a very good quality smallish map (something that Tremulous can use more of). It will be very interesting to see how it plays in actual matches. I'll add it to the test7341, GrangerClub, and GrangerPub servers later tonight. Very nice work @dwarf64 :slight_smile: .


Sol Version 1.0b is now available to play on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, and on the test7341 server. I have also added this map to the test7341 server's rotation, replacing utcsud's spot for low player counts.


@dwarf64 Great job man! :smiley:


Hi @dwarf64 :slight_smile:

Recently I played your map had something problem with those shader files, even skybox. It only regular textures had recognized. So I hope your map will taking to fix it.

Problems of shaders: lights, skybox and others


@BillyRazOr2015 , those textures work fine for me. Which client are you using? Also, which server were you plaing this map on, or did you /map or /devmap the map in your client?


Usually GPP or 1.3 alpha version, very weird things is didn't detect those shader lights and skybox, but other maps were fine.


Hola! Thank you. i hope now works good:
I test with tremulous.exe and tremulus-gpp.exe!



Downloaded. It works. :slight_smile:

Nice job man. :thumbsup:


Sol version 1.0c is now available to play on the GrangerPub server, on the GrangerClub server, and on the test7341 server.


@dwarf64 , we have discovered a bug (actually xyzt discovered it) in the outside area near the human default. There is a "hole" in the "sky" against one of the walls that the humans can fit into:


i uploaded a fixed version of Sol. Glitch-Build bug has been fixed.



The latest version of Sol is now available to play on the test7341 server, the GrangerPub server, and the GrangerClub server.