Spitfire lacks an important flight control


So I asked @dGr8LookinSparky why you need to look up (and not see much of the ground) to fly straight with Spitfire, and he told me that it’s supposed to work like an airplane. Real planes though have a wheel which adjusts where the plane will go vertically if you let go of the controls (which with Spitfire would translate to looking forward), to make it easier to fly straight, a flight control which Spitfire of course lacks:

Maybe use the scroll wheel for this? Or maybe make Spitfire controls more intuitive instead?


I would indeed be nice to make the spitfire control better.

By always making him face the way we look and making the forward vector the direction we’re facing, it could probably make the things way better.
As for the mouse wheel, I don’t really think it would be any more intuitive than the current controls. It would definitely add a way to control it, but using the mouse movement itself would make it way more intuitive and better. (In my opinion.)


air control = cheat




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