Suggestions for possible new Tremguy skins


I’ll start with the Mutton Chops Nicola Tesla look:





First of all, his name is not tremguy, its Trem Bro Dude and his knickname as called by his friends at the pub is “man”.

Second is i always said a zz-top style beard with long hair and dreadlocks should be his actual style.
He also needs to constantly smoke a jay and wear shades and a bigass sombrero hat.
Also a long coat with chains and stuff plus lots of patches and stickers on his coat.


We need an artist’s rendering of that potential skin! ^


No, his name is Taco Supreme Superb Man.


T actial R etreat E lite M aster G eneric U nused Y oyo



T His
R Name
E Is
M Trem
G uy
U No
Y More.


Tactical Retreat Elite Master is correct tho because no one knows how to dance. XD