Swirl's New Advanced Granger


The Advanced Granger is a battle-ready variant to the Basic Granger.

Currently costs 1 evolve point

Can evolve to Advanced Granger without an Overmind

60 damage per slash (Basic Granger does 20 damage per slash)

125 max health (Basic Granger has 75 max health)

1.25x faster movement speed than Basic Granger

1.25x higher jump than Basic Granger

Spit slow effect lasts 4 seconds (Basic Granger’s spit slow effect used to last 2 seconds, removed)

Can wallwalk (removed from Basic Granger)

Both Grangers can build multiple structures at one time (each additional structure being built slows down the build speed)

Advanced Granger is currently the same size the Basic Granger used to be (Basic Granger is now slightly larger than a Dretch)

Basic Granger, Advanced Granger, Dretch, Basilisk, and Advanced Basilisk no longer have health decay