Synn's Admin Application For GHub


-In Game names:
|Synn, Synawes, Syn*[TheSloth], |21 SynnGot2MuchSauce, basically anything with Synn in it lol

-What is my timezone/hours of operation:
Pacific Standard Time (UTC -8). Im an early bird and a night owl in one so I can be on from anywhere between 6AM to 2AM.

-Why do I want admin on grangerhub:
Mostly just because Im there a lot when shit hits the fan. I calm and collectively observe and report all the time on Ghub and I would like to be able to do it officially or in a moderator position.

-Previous admining experience:
I have no experience moderating a tremulous server. But i have been admin and co-owner of servers for a variety of multiplayer games. Requiring me to 'take out the trash' often.

-Most important qualities in an admin:
I think the most important qualities in an admin involve listening, being a calm and reasonable person, someone who is able to be there when the problems present themselves. And you have to be open to a whole lot of different point-of-views.

-Admins(6+) willing to vouch for me: My good friend Bird ^-^
(if any other admin have been lurking on my performance i would appreciate all feedback)

-What level am I applying for:
Level 4


Good luck man.


Protip: L2 on Gpub is for veteran users who seek kick protection. L3 is admin probation and L4+ are proper admin levels. :slight_smile:

Btw, this is an app for Gpub. Ghub =/= Gpub.


I think he wants admin for both servers.


Well i would like to be a proper admin level lol I meant pub lol sorry Id be happy to do club and pub though


Good luck @Synn :slight_smile:

GrangerHub is more than game servers :wink:


Good, we need more admins in your timezone.

Do you have work or school between those times?

This is a good reason to apply for admin.

This is very important. If you do receive a position on our team I would impress upon you the importance of conflict resolution without, or with minimal use of admin commands.

This will not be an issue. We have guides in place for inexperienced members of the team, and you'll find that many of the high admins are very accommodating should you require guidance.

Thank you for applying.


I study at 2pm Pacific time till around 5pm or 6pm. Those are the only hours im pretty afk


@Synn Good luck


Wish you best luck @Synn :wink:


Good luck @Synn :slight_smile:


Good luck bro


Thanks man good to see youre still around


Good luck on your admin.


Good luck @Synn! Cant wait to have you on the admin team.


From what I've seen, even with my short time span around, there is no lie. You're a fairly cool headed person. Hopefully this goes well for you.

Good luck @Synn.


Thanks Shaun! I appreciate the feedback! :3 You're a pretty cool cat yourself!