The Nation of Stupidity




Yup! NoS is da BOSS! XD


!passvote pls




how can i delete this topic



@faceman , I don't think you registered your name on GrangerClub. !register there, then post that exact name here, then you will get an instant level 3 admin.


Hey! Ma partner is back! XD


Face already has L3 admin on Club.


hEY PARTNER!!!!! : D


Hey pertner! Now go on the NoS forum! Noone goes there now... :frowning:


faes shud haf lvl 9 admuns


I've asked him to apply many times, I'm still waiting.


I can take his place, I'm sure he would agree! Hehe just kidding XD


but why if it's club


I'm very pleased to announce that last night (9/15/15) NoS clan successfully beat PMW or .dubz clan in a 4v4. Good job lads.


Level 4+ on GrangerClub are GrangerPub admins.


Nice work NoS, money clan has been deteriorating rapidly the past week.


In behaviour and gameplay.


We won? WE WON ?! Whoooooooooooooa! Well... that's one victory to add to all the defeats... XD


Yeah man, you're completely right. Hopefully we'll start winning some scrims soon.

Thanks for the one on Niveus, by the way (09/24/2015). It was good fun and hope to do it again. Take care! :smile: