The UAC clan


We are the UAC clan.

1) For join here you must speak spanish.
2)Whatsapp for group (optional)
3)be a pro (UAC not are but we are practicing)

Clan applications are currently CLOSED
But if you really wanna join, speak with me

UAC|Nicolas21550 (aka UAC|Kommand) (retired of tremulous)




Good stuff.

May I ask what UAC stands for?


I respect that.

Good luck, and welcome to the clan scene.


thank you guys. UAC are Union Avanzada Comando (Advanced Union command) in English


Unification Against Conquistadors




Uber Area of Camping
Unification against Camping
Ultimate Art of Carrying


Wasn't UAC the doom in-game company that opened the portal to hell and released a horde of demonic creatures that wipped out almost the entire human race? Guys.... be careful in what things you test in your practices, you may release Advanced Tyrant or a 3000 hp basilisk from the portal in the dusty sands of Fortification map.


You should both delete your comments on this thread, including all screenshots and sentences written. There is already the same content in the report thread that Staxx made, and these comments do not pertain to the actual UAC clan.

Let me be clear, I don't care if you guys don't delete them and decide to leave your posts here. But there is no reason to do that in this thread, just a suggestion.


sums up the clan quite well actually