They did it and still doin' it


Oh yeah we did it and we will still doing it jae my bae.

With <3 Punky XOXO.


You're celebrating a 1-1 tie that just 15 minutes ago resulted in a 3-1 victory for Fk?





No, im celebrating that we dominated you on humans team; also last match wasnt a tie breaker, learn to read.


Dominated is the word you're going to use? Seriously?

If your idea of "dominated" is narrowly winning 2 minutes before timelimit then pal I think you need a better English class.

We won humans before we even got s3.


Yo guys I'm writing from my bathroom (the room that allow you to think) and I'm asking to myself why there is such this hate between Fk| and [EBSF]

Pls answer me fastly ty

Maybe this evening (afternoon for usa) we are on to scrim (maybe)



fucking boosted monkeys the lot of you


0 hate from me.