TODO List for the Initial release of Tremulous 1.3


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I don’t like reading long posts :slight_smile:

NOTE: I am not trolling and I am not unfriendly. This is just my POW.

Much of this what I read here in first post is not important for the general players.
First thing what I don’t understand is 3 Game Modes.
Stock 1.1. Style

What is that?
I thought that game modes are Free for All (FFA), a classic deathmatch, Team Deathmatch (TDM) Capture The Flag (CTF), things like that…
For me Stock 1.1. Style and Chocolate are just a MODs.

Swirl is another perversion.
From the list what I saw and read here it is a MOD, nothing less, nothing more.

Much of things on the server list is not important for the normal players and it belong in another list. After reading again, Server list, I saw that many of things belong in the Client list.

Most of things here in TODO list is mix of everything what is already published.

Client’s really don’t care about technical aspects of the engine, they care only about for example from what I saw on the list HUD Improvements, New Alien Classes, New Human Gear/Equipment, Improve Evolving, Nice main menu with more complete settings / options
Something what they will see on initial screen and after map loading, more eye-candy things. Here is the example.
What people will see when they start game and load map? GUI and assets.
As player in my case, why should I care about Multiprotocol support, Server-side demos, TremCam / TremMME or for SQLite DB. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I really don’t think that “normal” or common players will ever use that, that thing is only important for the administrators and for people who know what is that.
One note also, supporting older things will 100% “I-KNOW-KUNG-FU” hold you down and give you hard time to introduce new things and make the game more advanced and better.
From what I read, as I wrote here, most of things what are in the initial TODO list (with any color) is already there and with my point of view is not needed.
After reading all this, my first impression was “wow, it is good, just who will use all this and why to create feature-creep”. What is the point in all this.

I give you all kudos with new assets and new maps, new textures. Nobody can say anything against that.
KUDOS. :slight_smile:
In my humble opinion only with new assets you can bring old players, old developers and new players, new developers.


Perhaps these are just PH names or names developer’s use at the moment?