Tremulous 1.3 alpha is not working :(


After I downloaded and extracted to Tremulous root folder, open it, and it's nothing response. I tried to end program in Task Manager, re-open it and still not working for me. :frowning:

Anybody have solutions yet?


Did you try to wait for some minutes ? It has to initialize it's packages on first launch.


Had been waited for minutes, still nothing happens. :confounded:


Well, stick to 1.1 then.
1.3 alpha is more like a pre-pre-alpha and the client is kinda buggy.
Stick to tremfusion for now.


really, u should just be more patient. Tremulous is generating an RSA keypair (for the purposes of client identification). to verify that this is actually what's going on, run Tremulous in a console, and check whether Tremulous seems to hang upon the following message:

on some operating systems (ie. Linux), generating secure random data can take a long time. in an attempt to speed things up, do something on ur computer with ur mouse&keyboard, such as: post on the forum, watch pr0n, etc.

that's a fact, but the key generation part is not a bug.

maybe Tremulous should generate cryptographic keys in the background, while the main menu is displayed;1 until generation is finished, don't allow the user to create or join any server, and advize him/her against exiting the game before key generation finishes. or, failing this approach, Tremulous could throw up a dialog notifying the user of the key generation process.2

1 this sounds perfect, because a user could personalize settings during this, which is an input-intensive procedure.
2 this is also desired because most users don't run the game in a terminal.


Better yet, an actual visual representation of the task's progression to begin with.


ind33d, and the cryptography library of choice, nettle, has the capability to report progress !

however, from the security point of view, the more detailed the progress bar is, the more information it leaks, unless there's some fakery involved; but i guess this is neligible.


You're right. :slight_smile:

Well anyways, @dGr8LookinSparky said if I opened 1.3 alpha for first time, don't close it. You need to wait at least 5 minutes (Because 1.3 alpha had new assets and will giving update with those old version). Both my desktop and laptop PC are currently worked.

Problem solved.


Well, downloading the new assets is a part of the bootstrapping process, but a majority of that bootstrap time is generating RSA keys.


Yup. Just like qkey file for 1.1 or GPP version.