Tremulous based new buildables assets suggestion

I just began some buildables assets aiming to be really similar to Tremulous ones.
I would got some suggestions and maybe know expectations of the GrangerHub community to make them better.
Maybe they could be implanted into Stellar Prey ? That’s also my aim.

Buildables assets list

Buildables assets features


  • It could be fine it they could be broke with really good animation (and maby soft body mainly for aliens). Maybe. It will mainly depend of the progression of the project and maybe of the game engine. But a simple PBR texture overlay could do the job. Else it would need to split models into multiple part.
    I saw than Stellar-Prey compile Bullet Physics Engine anywhere ?
  • Make use of the display. A lot of buildable have display, like the Reactor, the Defense Computer and even the Armoury. It could be mainly esthetical, but displaying some informations sound a good idea.


  • I want to make some hit feedback visible on emessive texture, also on the rotation of branches when anything hit them
  • I began to set like emissive line holes. My opinion isn’t fix about that.


  • Usable doors
  • Weapon could appear on shelf. There will also be a wardrobe.
  • Maybe some shelf neon lights ? Currently, I set punctual lights.


  • 4 parts (foot, inferior arm which rotate on the foot, superior arm, and head)
  • Head should have a nice looking gear.

I try to respect what textures represent, but sometimes it doesn’t represent anything. Also some things are not physically consistent at all.

I would replace screen/keyboard by a holographic touch display.
I will also add screen to some buildable like turret which could print some state (and could depend of the gameplay too ?)

About assets

I will patch all of them according to my skills, as I never used Substance Painter before, and also because creating models/textures for video-games is another world.

It’s only kind of preview, as I don’t animate textures too much right now.
I could publish Blender’s and SubstancePainter’s files if you want to contribute and/or finish my assets: I will then choose a license (I haven’t decided which one license I will choose).
It would also allow making alternative skins, and help to make suggestions to original models.
(Just ask for them)

Have a 3Go+ GPU ?

You are lucky. I can’t generate more than 2K texture as I only have 2Go on my GPU. It’s a SubstancePainter limitation.
I may need to generate 4K texture later.

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I’d be happy to offer any assistance you need on remaking stuff!

It might be possible to add an animated tag inside of the armory where we could attach the actual weapon models to pop in as the doors open when you’re getting a new weapon

Replace armory with a vending machine, it spits the weapon on the floor, press (Q) to pick up.

I just published the ret:
It only miss some details on sides panes of the head, else I’m almost happy of the result.

Also I reviewed my limit about triangles as it’s better to have any more triangle that having an opacity map. I will also remove uneeded opacity maps of other models.

Impressive :slight_smile:

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