Tremulous Music Suggestions


So, after talking today with @dGr8LookinSparky, he told me, I should post my suggestions here.
So, here they are.
This one is just a dark electronic one, nothing special, but sci-fi enough, I suppose.

This one is an ambient. It is not as gloomy, as I would like, but it feels like space.

This one is all about synth guitars. I don’t know, If it will fit.

This one is quite invasive, I don’t know if it fits either.

That’s all for now. If someone wants to give me directions, I can make a musical sketch over the weekend.
Thanks for your attention! :smile:


So, I have done this little thing in a few hours.
It is a relaxing song, something space related, with a warped chorus in the background with a simple beat, I really personally like this one. I really think this can fit.


I have so say @AutumnLegends these are all both cool and great! :slight_smile: I haven’t really decided on a favorite yet, but i’ll let you know s00n™ :wink: . Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thanks, @HelpingRobot, I’ll try not to disappoint :smile:


Feedback for a main menu / splash screen theme:

  1. Try to do something upbeat (to pump players up to play - it’s not guaranteed that “Space” will remain the visual theme of the splash screen).
  2. Get into the “meat” of the song right away and keep it short (under 3 mins or less - because players will usually never listen to the entire track unless they are setting options, they’ll be joining a server).
  3. Make it loop seamlessly or at least sound good transitioning from the end of the track back to the beginning (because it repeats - if players do make it to the end).
  4. Flesh out the main theme of the track that you’re happy with, before spending much time on mixing it.

Other ideas for final mix (I’m not an audio engineer):

  • Do stuff like “duck” (side-chain compress) the audio tracks for synths (and other instruments) using the kick drum.

  • EQ your individual instrument tracks to confine them into specific freq ranges

  • Bitcrush your snare hits, compress your high-hats, and add automation to add variety to things like the velocity of notes so each high-hat, snare and kick do not sound identitical.

  • Burn your track to a CD and play it in your car to test it.

Note: My feedback is vague on purpose. It doesn’t work to have an outside party try to guide a creative endeavor, and no amount of written feedback will magically make you know how to best mix your stuff.


I’d recommend watching this interview, to examine the thought processes and stages of production that this producer went through for his work on DOOM (2016), NOT to make a track that sounds like it’s from DOOM (unless that’s what you’re trying to do).



Thanks for your feedback. I will try to do something more pumping, while maintaining the Minor key. If you think that Major key will be better, please,write it here. I think I will go for a length of a minute, but with more variety of stuff in there.
I guess I will be done in less than a week, if nothing will get in the way.
Also, I think the way music was done for Doom 4( I mean the thought process), will not fit here, as Trem has different atmosphere, warmer, it’s about teamwork after all.
In conclusion, I will work on a fast paced, minor, electronica, maybe with additions of metal, looping at about a minute.
Thanks for reading,
Autumn Legends


I am getting stuff out to fast.
Just as ordered. A 1-minute loop with a weird key. Pumping. At least it pumps me up:slight_smile:


I’ve been thinking about what and where the music should be in the game.
I would suggest four types of tracks:

  • Menu music
  • Loading screen music
  • Sudden death
  • On a win and on a loss.
    I believe, menu music should be calm, and have the biggest selection of tracks.
    I mean, the menu is the hub to the game, it should feel welcoming and non-aggressive.
    Also, Menu is the last thing players see on a game. Music here should help calming down after a stressful match, getting back to the reality.
    Loading music, on the other hand, should be the opposite. Loading times are pretty short, so a single loop would fit. The music should be aggressive here, making the player wanting to play, kill, be active.
    Sudden death should be feeling like the end is here. Dramatic, with drums in a hard rhythm, speeding like a pulse of a player.
    Win and loss are pretty self explanatory:
    Victory is a major fast key, loss should be slower, with a chorus mourning the destruction, blood and death of the fallen heroes.
    That is just my opinion of course, my vision is definitely not right, not to a full extent, anyway.
    I really wish to know the reader’s version, correction of my statements, or just random thoughts on the subject.
    Thanks for reading,
    Autumn Legends


I think these are some pretty cool ideas having more music in Trem or at least in some places would be nice. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply!
Maybe there should be a poll about all this?


I like the ideas @AutumnLegends , and I agree with your outlined attributes :slight_smile: .

With the loading screen, sudden death (although we don’t really use sd much in the swirl game mode), and the win/loss would be done with a server such that it isn’t client specific (that is it would work for all clients connected), and if you were to provide some samples for them, we can implement them on GrangerLab and see how it works in-game. I think it is worth a shot, and we could get better feedback on how the music should be that way.

For intermission, besides win/loss, perhaps there should also be a version for evacuation (draw) and a version for stalemate (time limit).


Alright, @dGr8LookinSparky, I will start working on the sample music this weekend. :slight_smile:
I will be done by Thursday, I hope. I think I will focus on a win/loss ones first, since these are the most common.
I will let you know about the progress.
thanks for the ideas and support! :smile:


I guess, I made the music for a draw. Or a win, if the win is sad.


Here is the music for loss. Win will be in the evening, got no time right now.


Win, maybe.


I worked on another 1 minute loop, this time more metal.
I left similar instruments.


This is morning here, and it’s suggestions time!
In his post @romdos mentioned that the menu will be changed.
What if, theoretically speaking, the music and the background will compliment each other?
To be more precise with my statements, I propose a menu be “Starbound” style.
A rotating sprite of a planet on a background of stars, with randomized planets each launch, with music tracks desighned for each sprite?
I am not an expert, but I think, that creation of such sprite out of a modified photograph is not that hard. I tried it, it almost worked.
This way the music will be desighned knowing of the color schemes.
Not to derail the thread, I will be working on 5-10 second win/loss/draw, cause previous ones are long and just plain bad.
Thanks for reading,
Autumn Legends


howdy @AutumnLegends :slight_smile: , to have a different background for each main menu music would be doable :slight_smile: .

I thought of another type of track, on the gpp BotsCamp mod when you first entered the server welcome music would play, along with a custom welcome overlayed animation/message (I think Cuboid had this as well).

I was thinking that the load screen might not require a music track, as for most people it is pretty fast, and for some it is almost instant. However, perhaps music at the download screen would be good to have, as sometimes that could take a couple of minutes even with a decent connection.

For the tracks you would like us to try, be sure to have them available in .wav format. Also, for use in Tremulous, it would be preferable to have the music licensed as cc-by or cc-by-sa (more information can be found here: ).

I have a noobie sound cloud question…
How do I download a music file?


To download a track, I should give the permission to download, plus give the track a cc license.
I will have to do it later, which tracks do you want?
Thanks for the reply, @dGr8LookinSparky, :slight_smile:
I will write when I do everything required.
Also, I believe the music in the format available at the SoundCloud is not .wav, but, since I have the best quality avaliable uploaded there, online converters will do the job fine.