Tremulous Music Suggestions


@AutumnLegends While the quality/production on the tracks seems pretty good, a few of the songs have styles that don’t seem to fit in. Maybe this weekend we can get together on Slack and go over things in more detail but here’s some initial thoughts:

  • Main menu/Splash screen - Keep it sounding unique as to not be repetitive, and not too aggressive as to be jarring.

  • Warmup end - Make it short, approximately (or exactly) 10 seconds, and maybe make several of them, which we will cycle through or randomize each time.

  • Game end - I think we will only need music for the winning team (so no ‘team lost’ music’). I would suggest to keep the end-game music short, as to not be too distracting/disruptive (if it’s a 1-shot that doesn’t repeat), OR, make longer, ambient-style tracks that would play continuously until the next map is loaded.

The main thing to consider is that the music should enhance the mood of the game1, but not steal the show by being over-the-top.

1: Depending on the “state” of the game, where players are about to fight at the beginning a round, or at the ending, where players cool off a bit, and generally give some commentary on the round.


Yeah, sure, I will keep the guidelines in mind :slight_smile: Most of the stuff here is experimental, especially in the beginning, I do agree, we should talk about this on detail.
The problem with slack is the time difference, I believe we have 7-8 hours of difference.


Hello, everyone :slight_smile:

With this one I tried to follow the guidelines. I kept it short, calm and simple. I hope, at least :slight_smile:


I would like to make a set with that tremolo. What do you think? I feel it’s one of my best creations that fits the guidelines to date.


Tremolo sounds great @AutumnLegends ! I tested the .ogg you gave me in a client build with USE_CODEC_VORBIS enabled, and it worked out pretty well! I think the 16 seconds for it works for intermission (I think that is about as long as we would want to go for an intermission track). In my opinion, it does meet the other guidelines as well.


A new countdown to battle track. hopefully, It’s the final version. What do you think?


IMO the lead synth seems out of tune/out of place, making it sound a bit too ‘busy’. Maybe a more electronic/dirtier sounding one would work better. Also, the track seems to be wrapping up/ending around 0:08 seconds, and then seems to come back in with a few extra notes for the ‘outro’ (for no apparent reason).


Did you use speakers or headphones? It might fiddle with the quality and lead synths might be a bit weird. I’ll try to check it, I am using studio headphones only. I think I should stop using lead synth all together, at lower quality speakers it just sounds bad. At the end there is no silence, there are still tracks going


I can’t hear anything out of tune. The lead may be too much, but that is up to taste


I should clarify what I meant. By “out of tune” I mean that it sounds like the synth is playing over/on top of the rest of the track instead as part of it, making it seem like 2 different songs are playing at once.

At the end of the track, I guess this can be visualized using soundcloud’s player. The right-most side of the bright orange part (0:08) is where the synth sound seems like it’s ending (or losing momentum), and then in the darker orange part (and gray), it “comes back in” for 4 additional notes that don’t seem to add anything to the song.


Can you upload a variation without it to so we can compare?


I will, later in the evening.



A small note for everyone. If you don’t like something in my work, just say it. I will do my best to fix stuff up. A special thanks to @romdos, for helping me to improve my work, constructive criticism is always welcome :slight_smile:


Hello, I am back! :slight_smile:
And I still can’t do anything good, but here is a thing:


Improvement is always visible each time you release something new ^^ I can’t wait to see how it gets in the future.



Should play this when the player exits Trem… :cry:


LoL… Doesn’t exist it?
Or maybe should try a new music clip when person exit Trem.


Here are two new tracks.
The fall Is my favorite so far.

The one is not os special.

A small idea about music. May be there should be a menu that allows people to select tracks and allocate them to team’s win, loss and so on?


Awesome tracks @AutumnLegends :slight_smile: !

That is a good idea, but i do feel that there should be multiple tracks for each set to be selected randomly each time by default, so that players would be less prone to getting tired of hearing any particular one too often. What if there was a settings menu that allowed you to check which ones might be randomly selected, and by default they were all checked?