Tremulous Music Suggestions


A good example.


I might try tonight or this weekend to get something recorded to sound like that.
But for now I am just relaxing for the two hours I have left before work :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully this day won’t be too bad :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel free to use any of these tracks as they are meant for the GH/ projects.

I still have the source file for some of those sounds.

Here’s a zip of the acidtube/botscamp theme and some other stuff I created: (114.9 KB)

NSF can be opened with VLC or any NSF player. NSF generally is the form you would use before adding to an NES ROM. There’s a blank NES rom with only the music in it as well, and there’s also the raw FTM format which can be opened using 0CC-famitracker in case yo uwant to know what the contents look like.

For more FTM that I have created (may be outdated):


They are pretty 8Bit themed, say like for the first ever created Doom lol.


Awesome, thanks @ViruS :smiley: ! Are they licensed cc-sa-by?

I’m sure we can find good use for chiptunes in various applications. They might not fit for main menu music, or warmup/intermission music, but perhaps one good use could be for a mini-game (perhaps that you could play while waiting for downloading for a server you are connecting to).


Another possibility involving chiptune tracks is to have a client option to switch to different themes of music.


@dGr8LookinSparky What about adding themes and such? We could end up with the game having a 8 Bit like theme with maybe some models and UI components fitted to the said theme. (We could end up with a lot more themes, like Halloween, christmass ans so on. Or whatever we want, even a @HelpingRobotic theme :stuck_out_tongue:)


That would be a cool feature @avarthar :slight_smile:


Hello. I am finally able to upload, sorry for the delay


Awesome, I’ll be sure to add support in the codez for the welcome music sometime in the next few days :slight_smile: !


One of my ideas for the main menu loop. I don’t feel like it matches the theme of the game though. But I like it somewhat :slight_smile:


they aren’t “pretty 8-bit theme” they are 8-bit.

Pretty much. Some have slightly differnet licenses but whatever, just use that for the tracks on that specific playlist /shrug/

TakeBackTheNight and Tank! wasn’t composed by me though, just so you know.


Hello! I am back in action.
It’s a loop for the menu.


Sounds like something I’d find in streets of rogue


Well, I love Streets of Rogue :slight_smile:

But the music is generally too cheery for trem


Another loop.