Tremulous My Little Pony Mod


So it begins. :slight_smile:

I'll be starting my own project of the upcoming(TM) s00n(TM) Tremulous MLP FiM mod and yes you guessed it I will be making it.

The Tremulous MLP FiM mod will be based around Tremulous 3rd team an unused team that was never added.

To do list:

* Actually finish learning code
* Start the mod project
* Test the mod itself
* Create a server to host the mod on

Key chart
Lime is completed
Orange is in progress
Yellow is in beginning
Red is not started
Cyan is near complete


Best of luck to you doing this.


On one hand, I can respect the work put in by people in their free time to make something cool. In that respect, I wish your project to be successful @HelpingRobot and I have zero ill will to you personally.

[OFFTOPIC] On the other hand, the MLP fandom is a cancer where people decide to associate their identity with a fucking children's cartoon show. Which isn't all that bad in contrast to the rest of the shit on the internet (atleast the fandom is productive?), but the unnecessary, almost parasitic need to latch on to other things that has nothing to do with MLP is something that truly exhibits a level of autism even I can't comprehend. A fandom that starts from reclusive to invasive is a social phenomenon worthy of criticism and rejection from the rest of the community. [/OFFTOPIC]

But hey, as long as its good, its better than making box maps, right?


My money is on this mod being the first successful Tremulous third team mod. Also, I may not be a fan of mlp, but I would so play this mod once it is available. Good luck @HelpingRobot , and keep your eye on the target :slight_smile: !


Brainstorming time for this third team...

Team name: TEAM_PONIES

What classes should the pony team have? In the Xonotic mlp mod ( ) , they had four classes: Earth Pony, Pegasus, Unicorn and Alicorn. Will those be the classes of the pony team? Would there be any additional classes than those 4? What will be the abilities and the weaknesses of each class in the pony team? How will each class attack? Which class(es) build(s)?

What kinds of buildables would there be for the pony team? How is building done in the pony team?

All of this needs to take into account how the pony team will be interacting with the other two teams (humans and aliens). Which also means that there would likely have to be some adjustments to both the human and alien team to account for this third team.


There are no additional pony races other than the Changelings those seem like an alien type race(ish).

Earth:Cannot fly,
Pegasus:Can fly
Unicorn:Special abilities like cloack, (ETC)
Alicorn:All 3

I'll be working on all of those too good suggestions. :slight_smile:


Oh, one kind of buildable that would be a must in any trem mod is a buildable to spawn from.


i propose that u make use of my definition of progress colors for ur TODO list.


During this process i may take part in the development because @HelpingRobot is going to teach me git then C then trem code or the line of work he is doing so i'd be willing to help him, and it's mainly due to the fact that i have a lot of free time on my hands most of the time. And it would be a fun project i would love to try. :slight_smile:

And if i do may make a suggestion their buildings should be dependent on their class style using the "ETC" Earth pony, Pegasus, Unicorn, And Alicorn, along with Changelings.

You could try using bat's or the Bat version of any "My Little Pony" characters to resemble an alien unit. And idea of a unit for now i don't have the idea but after a while of brainstorming an idea could be made if not then it was worth a shot to talk about.


Do you mean C :wink: @StarSlider


I do mean C @HelpingRobot


@HelpingRobot Isn't this done easier in lua with the help of @blowFish?


Please teach me code if you can aswell, all the dumb guides online only work if one already has coding experience... And I'm a total newbie.


@Cheese Go to a store and buy your self a good level code"book" and go of from there lol


or use the grangerhub university wiki link. :slight_smile:


First step in learning C would be installing Gentoo.