[UPDATE] Assault v7.0.2 by BillyRazOr


<> <> <> Assault v7.0.2 <> <> <>


- Reverted to simple slide doors at outside upper area

- Reverted skybox’s light value to brighter

- Other some minor changes were fixed

Please replace it to all servers for up-to-date. Thanks!




@BillyRazOr2015 rename your txt file to README. The characters you used in filename are not allowed.


Ok. Next update will rename the txt file. :wink:


Today, Assault will be release in 8 or 9pm (GMT+8), but not sure that version will continue to 6.2 or directly to 7, so i’ll do my own decision for quickly.

Description of next update:
-Add footpath with connect through upper factory floor to outside roof (so tyrants can able to go to outside roof) :slight_smile:
-Fixed some brushes and structures models
-Removed some light sparkle entities
-Unlimited BP is no longer used
-Reduced skybox’s light values and positions


Assault v7 is now released! Please go to my first post for about descriptions and download link available. :thumbsup:



This looks like a CSGO map, lol

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Good news. New version of Assault will coming for minor changes and I have done on new rendered by NetRadiant-custom (by Garux)

But I just made finished packing pk3 in short time, so I’ll be release by within few days. Hopefully fine. :smiley:


New version of Assault is now released! :information_source: :+1:


Assault v7.0.2 is now available to play on the Unitremia server, GrangerLab server, and GrangerPub server.


@BillyRazOr2015 , I have some recommendations for your next version:

Firs I highly recommend that you remove all of the no build zones, especially all of the ones outside, a lot more of the map can be playable in more ways that way, and the teams would be allowed to move their base locations.

The human base could use a second entrance to its second floor, perhaps you could add an entrance in this wall with more rooms that ultimately connect to the human base:

It might be cool to add some more rooms at these doors:

Maybe consider adding interiors you can enter to at least some of these blue containers.


Agreed. I’ll remove all nobuild zones for allow to move bases freedomly. :wink:

That’s a great idea. But more rooms will required to work more than my resting time, so I’ll do my best try for moment.

Great point. I’ll try it out my best. :slight_smile:

This majority changes will release very soon, but still not sure because I can’t spend a lot of times to do it without my work. Btw, I’ll take some short time to build new entities. :+1: