[UPDATE] Assault v7.0.2 by BillyRazOr

<> <> <> Assault v7.0.2 <> <> <>


- Reverted to simple slide doors at outside upper area

- Reverted skybox’s light value to brighter

- Other some minor changes were fixed

Please replace it to all servers for up-to-date. Thanks!




@BillyRazOr2015 rename your txt file to README. The characters you used in filename are not allowed.


Ok. Next update will rename the txt file. :wink:

Today, Assault will be release in 8 or 9pm (GMT+8), but not sure that version will continue to 6.2 or directly to 7, so i’ll do my own decision for quickly.

Description of next update:
-Add footpath with connect through upper factory floor to outside roof (so tyrants can able to go to outside roof) :slight_smile:
-Fixed some brushes and structures models
-Removed some light sparkle entities
-Unlimited BP is no longer used
-Reduced skybox’s light values and positions

Assault v7 is now released! Please go to my first post for about descriptions and download link available. :thumbsup:



This looks like a CSGO map, lol

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Good news. New version of Assault will coming for minor changes and I have done on new rendered by NetRadiant-custom (by Garux)

But I just made finished packing pk3 in short time, so I’ll be release by within few days. Hopefully fine. :smiley:


New version of Assault is now released! :information_source: :+1:


Assault v7.0.2 is now available to play on the Unitremia server, GrangerLab server, and GrangerPub server.


@BillyRazOr2015 , I have some recommendations for your next version:

Firs I highly recommend that you remove all of the no build zones, especially all of the ones outside, a lot more of the map can be playable in more ways that way, and the teams would be allowed to move their base locations.

The human base could use a second entrance to its second floor, perhaps you could add an entrance in this wall with more rooms that ultimately connect to the human base:

It might be cool to add some more rooms at these doors:

Maybe consider adding interiors you can enter to at least some of these blue containers.


Agreed. I’ll remove all nobuild zones for allow to move bases freedomly. :wink:

That’s a great idea. But more rooms will required to work more than my resting time, so I’ll do my best try for moment.

Great point. I’ll try it out my best. :slight_smile:

This majority changes will release very soon, but still not sure because I can’t spend a lot of times to do it on my work. Btw, I’ll take some short time to build new entities. :+1:


Great news. The electric railway will be 2 railroads for train movement based on Metro Beta 1.2, also the electric lines will redesign of models for better details. :wink:


Hi guys! Currently I’m still testing for purpose and it’s not yet for release because I haven’t finish for other rooms, so I’ll upload some screenshots for major changes. :slight_smile:



I finally found a new metro announcement sound that from Japan (Japanese) for activate speaker automatically, just like Metro b1.2 as speak French.

Currently I’m not sure want to add this sound to my mapping for, so I’ll looking forward for future project.


This is my first time to make a poster for Assault, this time will be added into new version soon. :slight_smile:


Nice @BillyRazOr2015 ! When can we see this map with external lightmap textures? :heart_eyes:


Maybe at later beta version or final version. But mostly I have some busy work to do, so I can’t confirm when release. I hope will done better than before. :smile:

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