[UPDATED] Pulse 1.3 (build 200) is finally released!


Awesome, I uploaded your .map there in a repo forked from soubok’s one.

You can watch the automatically computed diff here, this kind of tool is awesome! :smiley:

Yes, I will look at this bug! It’s weird, the shaders were not changed, and this texture also fails even when the old pk3 is alongside the new one so it’s not a missing file. I see no reason for that bug currently, that’s interesting. :thinking:


Thanks so much. :slight_smile:

Also another this particle system bug, but I removed it. So you can find this bug again, thanks for help. :wink:


Note that 11 years ago not putting the .map file alongside the .bsp was a possible trick to save file space in .pk3, but with today’s computers, network, and modern client which are able to download efficiently, putting the .map file in .pk3 is the best way to not lose sources. As Linus said one day, “Backups are for wimps. Real men upload their data to an FTP site and have everyone else mirror it.” :wink:

Some original tremulous maps weren’t shipped with .map file and they are now a pain to maintain. One day I asked Stannum for his transit map and even himself was not able to find something good, the only one .map file he founds was a one named final but appeared to be an intermediary version between Tremulous 1.0.2 and Tremulous 1.1.0, and some required mapmodels (like escalator stair) were missing of course. Which is so bad since Transit is the original Tremulous map with the worst lightmaps, but no one can recompile them… If I were id Software 20 years ago, I would design q3map2 to embed the source in one dedicated bsp lump by default to prevent source losing. :grin: Distributing map sources looked to not have been a problem for them since they did it with Doom3 lately, just the .bsp format not required it.


Wow! I got too much points as you said. :smile:

You are understanding all Tremulous sources. :+1:


There are some practical downsides for the purpose of current backwards compatibility in trem (in particular related to supporting the 1.1 vanilla stock client from trem.net which unfortunately many people still use). The 1.1 stock client can only download directly from the game server, although thanks to an improvement to the game server by @DevHC, the newest multiprotocol trem servers can offer download usually around 100kb/s and beats the old 3 kb/s (which even gpp had, but everyone used the web downloads, so it was hardly ever noticed).

The other issue is an old bug in the game servers that hasn’t been fixed yet where the downloads of pk3 files over 32 MB freezes at 32 MB. Again, with the web downloads, this bug was never really a noticable issue for clients and server that used web downloads, but for the 1.1 vanilla stock clients, and servers that want to still support them it is.

These are just some factoids to consider, there are many maps that include .map files that are still manageable for backwards compatibility. In the case of this version of pulse, the size of the most recent pk3 file without a .map is 21.7 MB, the size of the .map (uncompressed) is 8.4 MB, so the resulting pk3 would be X amount less than 30.1 MB, which is still under 32 MB, so it would still work.

More players are upgrading to the 1.3 alpha client ( found here: https://github.com/GrangerHub/tremulous/releases ), and many of them were using the 1.1 vanilla stock client right before, so hopefully at some point enough people will be upgrading where the above mentioned issues will become moot. But yes, keeping the .map in the map pk3 is definitely good practice in general.


@cron @romdos @illwieckz

I still can’t find any problem of mushrooms textures in Pulse, but that textures was made right location, I’m confused about it. Isn’t the shader fault or model fault?

Hope everyone can find the problem.




Ok! I’ll try it out. :slight_smile:


Updated 1st post. :+1: :loudspeaker: :information_source:

Mushroom texture name fixed. Thanks @yalt for helping. :slight_smile:


Since Pulse had build number, I was mistake that I changed to version instead using build number. So maybe in sometime I’ll revert back to build number for better, with version.

Hope everyone understand. :slight_smile:


Finally I made a simple diagram of build number.

Earlier alpha/beta version was unknown or never been released, so I’ll start directly from Beta 2.


Beta 2 - Build 70
Beta 3 - Build 102
RC1 - Build 110
RC1 (rv2) - Build 116
RC1 (rv3) - Build 118
RC1 (rv4) - Build 120
RC1 (rv5) - Build 123
R1 - Build 128
v1.1 - Build 130
v1.2 - Build 150
v1.21 - Build 175
v1.3 - Build 200


Creating a Tremulous package for short term LAN parties and the alike

===== 2 Main Problems of Pulse =====

  • The glass door at control center was penetrated by the bullets and projectiles/barbs (other glass door at walking area are OK.)

  • The surface floor had many gaps were caused by Adv. Marauder to zap enemy bases easily.

If any have found other bugs on Pulse, please write the post on this thread for research. :slight_smile:


Updated 1st post. :+1: :loudspeaker: :information_source:

===== Changes in Pulse 1.2 =====

----- Mapping Entities -----

humanBuildPoints 200 ====> humanBuildPoints 300
humanRepeaterBuildPoints 100 ====> humanRepeaterBuildPoints 150
alienBuildPoints 160 ====> alienBuildPoints 225

----- Skybox -----

q3map_skylight 210 ====> q3map_skylight 200


Ok. I got a problem. Mostly grate floors had indeed nodraw, nomarks and trans functions, so that functions will cause Adv. Marauder to zap through human base.

	qer_editorimage textures/pulse/black16x16.jpg
	qer_trans 0.40

	surfaceparm nolightmap			
	surfaceparm trans
//	surfaceparm nomarks
//	surfaceparm noimpact
//	surfaceparm playerclip
	surfaceparm metalsteps
	surfaceparm nodraw
//	{
//		map textures/pulse/black16x16.tga
//		blendFunc add
//	}


	qer_editorimage textures/pulse/e8bgrate01.tga
	surfaceparm alphashadow
	surfaceparm metalsteps
	surfaceparm nomarks
	surfaceparm trans
	cull disable
		map textures/pulse/e8bgrate01.tga
		alphaFunc GE128
		map $lightmap
		rgbGen identity
		tcGen lightmap 

		blendfunc filter
		depthFunc equal

So I confirmed that floor borders (floor gap) is not part of problem. I only have a way solution is to disable Adv. Marauder in alien classes as impartial.

This solution will going to new version of Pulse until version/build number is shown public.


Updated 1st post. :+1: :loudspeaker: :information_source:


Updated 1st post. :+1: :loudspeaker: :information_source:

===== Changes in Pulse 1.3 =====

=> Reverted from merged floor to individual floor

=> Remove disabled Adv. Marauder and is now unable to zap through human base easily

=> Humans BP slightly increased again*

----- Mapping Entities -----

humanBuildPoints 300 ====> humanBuildPoints 325*


Higher resolution (later edited)

Less gamma version


I fixed a bug on Unitremia and GrangerLab that contributed to the problem of attacking through the floor on Pulse (part of that problem was an issue with the server). That is no longer a problem. The latest version of Pulse is now available for playing on GrangerLab and on Unitremia.