[UPDATED] Unstoppable v4.2.2 by BillyRazOr


Unstoppable 3.1 will be release in July 8, Friday (UTC+8)

- Added some pillars for A/H base
- A base is moved to lower floor
- "No build" for A/H is set for varies place


Unstoppable 3.1 is now available! Please go to my first post of thread to read descriptions. :thumbsup:


Unstoppable Version 3.1 is now available to play on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, and the test7341 server.


The next version of Unstoppable will be release soon. :thumbsup:

* Reconstructed central room with some ledges
* Replaced from windows to pipes wall with covering glass
* Added vents between storage room and central room
* Human base's stairs is now relocated to lower floor for entrance/exit
* A/H bases' pillars is changed to thicker for better looking
* Reduced BPs for limitation
* All "nobuild" is now removed
* Other minor structures/lights were improved


Unstoppable v4 is now released! Please go to my first post for about new descriptions and some new screenshots. Also have download link available! :thumbsup:


I haven't looked at it in-game yet, but the human base still seems pretty awkward for aliens. They only really have pouncing as an option, or a tight as hell hall with height disadvantage to get up in the base, with crates in the way. It's appreciable that it fucks up rants soooo much, but it still looks pretty painful for dragoons. There isn't much exploitable material for humans either; it's all flat, open ground.

I like what you did with the containers room, simple and effective. Still looks like it could use some more work though, it seems overly jettard friendly (camping the alien entrance from top of containers?). Might be nit-picking here though.

The hall in the second screenshot looks easy to camp as a human.

My suggestion for the bottom of human base, with the pillars, originally was just saying you should have some stuff to make it a decent base spot where aliens can't just snipe stuff from the entrances. I still think the pillars and crates bring more negative side effects than positive one as they are. Seems to me you could do a lot better stuff with this location. Fill up the human base some more, but don't just make it a pain to navigate. I would like to see something more interesting and balanced replace (atleast some, or most of) those crates. Maybe the pillars could be made thicker, with more details, and one or two crates could be kept.

Again, I haven't checked in game so take with a pinch of salt, I'm basing this off screenshots.


Unstoppable v4 is now available to play on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, and on the test7341 server.


My blogspot is now updated. And also Unstoppable change log lists is now available to view it. Feel free to see in my own blog. :wink:

http://billyrazor-tremmap.blogspot.my/ (check my profile inside have this link, so must remember it) :slight_smile:
http://unst-cl.blogspot.com/ (Unstoppable change log)

Peace! :v:


Unstoppable 4.1 will release soon, but the descriptions is not telling you yet because of my college project is too many like making from crappy things on me, need to hard work, so I can't get many free times to edit mapping and others to do. So I'm very sorry for my life happened, hope everyone forgive me.

Anyway, I can get back to more free time to play Trem and edit mapping with enjoying relax period. :v:


Attention! This is CONFIRMED release date!

Unstoppable 4.1 will be release in November 16/17 (UTC+8)

● Add toilet room/restroom in old human base of location.
● Adjust inside of vents' size.
● Other brushes, textures and light values were changed.

Hope everyone will appreciate. :slight_smile:


Omg, that is like tomorrow or the day after :smiley: !

Finally, now I can still play this map while I need a bathroom break! Did you figure out how to make the mirrors work? :slight_smile:


This is a sample of how to make a simple mirror with textured

After it's done, you must add "misc_portal_surface" and put at center of mirror location, but must little gap length of distance between mirror and player for reflection.


TEH(TM)_DUKE_NUKEM(R)_MOMENT(C) shall be added ! it is teh only way !


Unstoppable 4.1 is finally released! Please go to my first post to see descriptions, new feature screenshots and download available. :thumbsup:


Unstoppable v4.1 is now available to play on the test7341 server.

@BillyRazOr2015 , we did jjjjfind a game play issue. The stall doors in the bathroom don't open, however, it is possible (at least on the test7341 server) to build a telenode or an egg in the stalls from the outside. My recommendation is to allow those stall doors to open. Also perhaps have a flush sound trigger when a player touches a toilet :slight_smile: .


You're right. I should put those doors to open static. Luckily you didn't update to GPub and GClub servers, thanks. :slight_smile: Also I'll find toilet flushing sound and add it for trigger with button.

If any have problem about this, please give some comments to me for know it. :wink:


Oh, also you might want to make the toilets solid, at the moment the players can noclip through them.


Ok. I'll do my best. :wink:


Unstoppable 4.1 (Rev. 2) is finally released! Please go to my first post to see descriptions, new feature screenshots and download available. :thumbsup:

NOTE: Original 4.1 version were moved to Revision 1 (Rev. 1) as small part of problem or some new features to another revision, but in pk3 file name is NOT changed during fast resolved only, also it's for quick replacement as easily.


Unstoppable v4.1 (Rev. 2) is available to play on the GrangerPub server, the GrangerClub server, and on the test7341 server.